Ducks, Guns, and Writer’s Block

Augustana’s Major Drama Production Kicks Off by JENNY GREEN This semester, the Augustana theatre sets its stage to not one, but two theatrical productions! Amy Sutton’s “A Human Write” plans on captivating audiences as does newly commissioned piece, “I Shot a Duck” by Edmonton playwright, Jason Chinn. Since the beginning of the winter semester, twenty… Read More Ducks, Guns, and Writer’s Block

Communication in 2017: And the Death of Print Newspapers

by AUTUMN MACDONALD In 2016, Edda Humprecht and Frank Esser mapped various news websites across the world to examine models in which media companies adapt to the rapidly changing environment of web-based media. They focused on the benefits of digital journalism, noting that political reporting has essentially been revolutionized through the use of hyperlinks, interactive… Read More Communication in 2017: And the Death of Print Newspapers

The Toilet Tours

A Fifth Year’s Guide to Pooping on Campus By JENNIFER HA The Augustana Advantage includes small class sizes, personal relationships with your professors, and a liberal arts curriculum that develops your core skills. It does not, however, include the open concept bathrooms that plague our architecture. When we say your professors get to know you… Read More The Toilet Tours