Issue Two: December 1, 2022

  • An Interview with AQUA

    An Interview with AQUA

    BY AVOLIN SEN / STAFF WRITER Augustana Students at the recent AQUA Tie-Dye event on November 18th. Photos submitted. The Augustana Queers and Allies club (AQUA) was formed to provide a welcoming and positive atmosphere for all students, with particular attention paid to those who belong to gender and sexual minority groups. I was quite…

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  • Keeping up with the ASA

    Keeping up with the ASA

    BY PRECIOUS AKANINYENE / STAFF WRITER On Wednesday November 16th, 2022, the Augustana Students’ Association (ASA) gathered at the Wahkohtowin Lodge at 5:30 pm for their general meeting to discuss ideas and projects for the growth and development of the Augustana students. This article includes a recap of the major discussions and addresses made at…

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  • Clinging Genies

    SHORT STORY BY KING KHARS / FREELANCE WRITER “Given the time crunch of midterm season heading into finals, it is imperative that we understand that we are all students and our mental health is important. So, if anyone is feeling alone–or wants to feel alone–we should respect their boundaries, but also try to be there…

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  • BY SHELBY PAULGAARD / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The end of the semester is hard on everyone, students and instructors alike. However, I have a special appreciation and level of respect for fourth year students this time of year. Regardless of what you thought you would be doing next year, now is the time to figure it all…

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  • Dear Stranger

    Dear Stranger


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  • A Dark Path

    A Dark Path


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  • Nostalgic Narcissism

    Nostalgic Narcissism


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  • Asking Around

    BY ISCA IRANGWE / STAFF WRITER If you were ruler of your own country, which law would you introduce first? “Free university tuition.” – Pastor Craig “No harming others.” – Lisa “I would introduce a law about income disparity: something like, the highest earner in a company cannot earn more than twenty times the lowest…

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  • BY MIA ARCINIEGAS / STAFF WRITER Contemplations after attending “Augustana’s Got Talent” and a word from the 1st place winner. This year’s “Augustana’s Got Talent” was fabulous. The lineup of acts was a joy to watch, and I was pleasantly surprised by the range of talent on stage. What made attending this event especially interesting…

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  • Verose

    SHORT STORY BY AVOLIN SEN / STAFF WRITER Trigger warning: abuse, suicide Verose. That was her name. My Verose. My lady of roses. She was stunning. Simply stunning. She was my ray of luminescence in all the darkness of this world. A shooting star that collided with the bleakness of my life, replacing it with…

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