Issue Eight: April 20, 2023

  • Instructor Feature: Christopher Bullough

    BY AVOLIN SEN / STAFF WRITER Christopher Bullough is a freelance actor, director, playwright, producer, instructor and creator of theatre based in Edmonton. You can find out more about his background and previous performances here: ( He is currently teaching Directing and Oral Communication at Augustana. He has also taught Play Analysis, Acting, Scene Study,…

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  • stages.



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  • Class Feature: AUREL 290

    BY JOSHUA WADE / STAFF WRITER I was incredibly fortunate this week to have the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Patrick Hart, practicing lawyer and assistant lecturer, to speak with him for this issue regarding his class, his research, and his life.  The Dagligtale: Regarding AUREL 290, was there anything that made you interested…

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