Inclusion: Reflecting on Black History Month at Augustana


I have always imagined Black History Month at university to be a somewhat grand affair. If not grand, then it would involve quite a bit of reflection, workshops, representation and events to showcase, bring awareness and celebrate contributions and lived experiences of all Black people. It would be considered as a time to look and reflect at where we have been and where we might be going. 

Universities, as teaching institutions, have an obligation to celebrate achievements and contributions of Black Canadians during Black History Month. MacEwan University in Edmonton celebrated the month of February by exploring the often-forgotten histories of Black communities across Canada as well as how Blackness impacts aspiring entrepreneurs and creators of all kinds. 

Augustana’s Black History Month celebrations felt somewhat lacking to me.

This year, the Augustana library put up a beautiful display of books written by African authors in the library, celebrating African literature. Celebrating Black History Month in the university is about creating a space where it is not only safe but encouraged to have important conversations. However, by merely issuing a statement acknowledging Black History Month, I don’t think we are doing enough to create a space for these conversations.

I had an opportunity to sit down with my friend Octavia Mashabane, who also happens to be the president of the Afri-Youth club, for an animated discussion about Blackness and what it means to be Black on our campus and in today’s society as a whole. The conversation was riveting, and could have gone on for hours had we not had obligations to attend to. We talked about opening up and welcoming conversations that surround Blackness. 

“Obviously, I do think that our club could have done more in increasing the visibility and awareness towards BHM, but at the same time, during our meetings where we were trying to organize programs and figure out what events we could do, it became increasingly demoralizing. We realized there was literally nothing going on in terms of initiative on our campus. There was no initiative outside of our club from faculty or fellow students to open up discussions. We were so happy when the library reached out to us about the display!” 

Opening up a conversation about the history of Black History Month and what it accomplishes on campuses shouldn’t solely fall on the shoulders of the Afri-Youth club. The university and its faculty have an obligation to educate and welcome conversations surrounding Blackness and its impact on our society and its institutions in order to work towards a more inclusive, equitable and diverse community. We all need to work together in advancing Black inclusion in Canadian higher-education. 

The lack of initiative during Black History Month on our campus was disheartening and we should strive to do better. 

During Black History Month and beyond, we all need to understand and celebrate the complexity and diversity of the Black historical experience. 

The Afri-Youth club is a safe and inclusive space on campus open to all students. According to Octavia, “most students take ‘safe’ to mean ‘only for Black or African students,’ but a safe place just means that we do not tolerate bigotry. We welcome kindness and understanding. It is a safe place for dialogue to happen so long as it is respectful.”

To close out Black History Month, the Afri-Youth club had a meeting and asked its members what Black History Month meant to them. I’ve included some of the responses from members below.

“BHM is about centering conversations about Black joy just as much as–if not more than–the Black trauma that we often see in the media. Celebrating the achievement of all Black folks, as well as Black pride and joy.” 

“BHM is about celebrating historical Black figures who have overcome hardships to ensure that we today can live the life that we dream of.” 

“BHM is about unity within the diaspora. Black unity in spite of, if not because of, what Black people had to go through in history. It’s about celebrating and advocating for our rights for freedom.”

“It is about celebrating art by Black artists. It is about acknowledging how far we have come and how far we still have to go. Working towards the future.”

The University of Alberta Black Students Association is open to all and provides a safe environment for Black students to connect culturally, socially and contribute to one another’s success academically. Visit the Black Students Association to learn more and support their mission to “discuss issues affecting the Black community, as well as aiming to encourage them to become more aware and involved with the movement of overcoming social, economic and racial inequalities in our world.”

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash.

Prospective Students and Families Attend University of Alberta, Augustana’s Winter Preview Day


Winter Preview Day is an exciting opportunity for prospective students and families to learn more about the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus, and everything it has to offer. The purpose of the preview day is to provide attendees with an opportunity to tour the campus, meet with current students and faculty, and learn about the various programs and services that the college offers. 

The Winter Preview Day, which took place on Saturday, February 11th, 2023 was an enjoyable and informative event. It began with lunch in the dining hall which lasted from 12 pm to 1 pm. From 1 pm until 2:15 pm, there was a welcome speech by Dean Demetres Tryphonopoulos and a presentation by an Augustana Alum. The guests were then divided into two groups and from 2:30 pm to 4 pm, the two groups took a tour of the campus and visited booth fairs in the forum. 

The Dean emphasized the importance of finding a university that is a good fit, both academically and socially. He advised potential students to take advantage of the preview day to get a sense of the school and determine whether it is the right fit for them. Additionally, he emphasized Augustana’s dedication to giving students a comprehensive education that will equip them for success in both their academic and professional endeavours.

The second speaker discussed her own Augustana experience and the positive effects it has had on her life, especially speaking from the perspective of an Augustana alum. She discussed the chances she had to participate in extracurricular activities and how these experiences have shaped her as a person. She also discussed the tight-knit community and how it has given her a support system that has enabled her to succeed.

She also gave a slideshow presentation about the Augustana campus, highlighting its features and the enjoyable activities nearby, such as going to Fika Coffeehouse and stargazing at the Miquelon Research Center. 

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the visitors anonymously and inquire about their time at the university during the preview day. Before attending the event, they said they had done a lot of research and were impressed by the smaller campus and the small class sizes, which they thought would provide more attention focused on students individually. They also mentioned how students could participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.

The visitor responded that they liked the tour the most when asked what they liked best about the preview day. They couldn’t wait to explore all that Augustana had to offer.

The visitor had a favorable impression of the campus’s culture and atmosphere, calling it warm and the people friendly.

Lastly, the visitor said they thought Augustana’s preview day was “really, really good,” and they were excited about the possibility of attending. It was evident that the preview day had made a good impression on them and had significantly influenced how they felt about the university.

In conclusion, the University of Alberta, Augustana’s Winter Preview Day was a fun and educational occasion that gave prospective students and their families a glimpse into the college’s programs and services. The dean and alumna’s remarks emphasized the significance of selecting a school that is a good fit and Augustana’s dedication to offering a comprehensive education that equips students for success. Ultimately, the Winter Preview Day is a great chance for prospective students and their families to make decisions about their education that are fully informed.

Interested in volunteering with upcoming Preview Days, or taking a tour of campus yourself, for any prospective students? Email for more information!

Photos from Augustana’s Preview Day, held on Feb. 11th. Dagligtale News Photos.

Diving Deep into the Afri-Youth Club: An Insider’s Look



Augustana’s Afri-Youth club is a student organization based in Augustana. The club was created with the goal of establishing a sense of community among African students, as well as providing a platform for sharing and promoting the diversity of African cultures. The club’s objectives are to challenge misconceptions and promote a deeper understanding of the continent of Africa, while also fostering meaningful connections among students. 

Overall, the Afri-Youth club plays an important role in promoting cultural understanding and support for the African community on campus.

Background of the Club

  1. Origin 

The Afri-Youth club was established with the aim of building a sense of community among African students and creating a platform for others to learn about and appreciate the diversity of Africa. The club has a rich history, born out of a desire to bring together African students and provide a space for discussions and the sharing of cultures. The club’s mission has been carried forward by previous presidents, and continues to be a source of support and connection for African students today.

  1. Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the club are centered around creating a sense of community among African students while also welcoming non-African students to participate in events and learn about African culture and diversity. The club aims to facilitate important discussions and create a safe space for all students.

Additionally, the club encourages involvement from anyone interested in learning and supporting, whether it be through attending meetings, participating in discussions, or reaching out to the executive team for more information.

  1. Achievements and Impact 

The Afri-Youth Club has made a significant impact in the community and has achieved some accolades. One of its proudest moments was winning the Best Club award at the Student Life Awards. In pre-COVID times, the club was well known for its popular and successful event “One Night in Africa,” which was attended by a large number of people and showcased the diversity of African culture. These events and achievements highlight the club’s commitment to bringing together African students and fostering a sense of community while promoting cultural awareness among all members of the community.

Interview with the Club President

Meet Octavia Mashabane, the dynamic president of the Afri-Youth Club. She is a Third-Year South African student majoring in Psychology. Photo submitted.

Q. Can you give us a brief overview of the Afri-Youth Club and its purpose?

A: “The Afri-Youth Club is a safe space for African and Canadian African students to connect with their roots and learn about the diversity of Africa. It provides a direct line of conversation with students from various African countries and is open to non-African students who are interested in learning about African culture. The club recognizes the diversity within Africa and aims to provide a deeper understanding of the different countries and cultures within the continent.”

Q. What motivated you to become the president of the club?

A: “The previous President, Eni, encouraged and inspired me to take on the role of President. I wanted to do more for the club and felt that I had a good vision for its future. As a newer student, I believed I could bring fresh ideas and bring new life to the club. The vote of confidence from Eni gave me the belief in myself to take on this role.”

Q. What are the main goals and objectives of the club?

A: “The main goal of the Afri-Youth Club is to create a safe space for African students who may be far from their places of comfort. The club brings African students together, regardless of which country they are from, and bonds them through their shared heritage. It also serves as a window into the diversity and beauty of Africa, providing an opportunity for others to learn about and share in the culture. The objectives of the club are to create a safe space for members to share stories and experiences, as well as an environment where people can learn about and embrace the diversity of Africa.

The Afri-Youth Club is not limited to African or black students. Other students are encouraged to join and learn about Africa, even if they have no prior knowledge of the continent. The club holds events, such as discussions about common misconceptions, to encourage dialogue and promote learning. The club is a welcoming space for anyone who wants to learn more about Africa and its diverse culture.”

Q. Can you tell us about any significant achievements or impact the club has made in the African community?

A: “One significant achievement of the Afri-Youth club at Augustana is providing a safe space for African students to connect with others who share similar experiences and backgrounds. The club has helped African students who were feeling homesick by introducing them to other African students from different countries and creating a sense of community. The club also hosts events such as “One Night in Africa” where people can wear their traditional clothing and feel connected to their culture, which has helped many students feel less alone and less homesick. Additionally, the club provides a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas, helping to dispel misconceptions about Africa and its diverse cultures. These achievements have had a positive impact on the African community in Augustana, making the transition to a new place easier for African students.”

Q. Can you describe the different activities and programs the club holds and their purpose?

A: “The club holds bi-weekly general meetings which provide a platform for members to connect, de-stress, and participate in activities such as two truths and a lie and Kahoot quizzes. The meetings also touch upon important topics related to mental health, misconceptions, and history. The club has an annual event called “One Night in Africa” which is their biggest event. The club also plans to hold additional meetings during Black History Month. They are also considering having movie nights where they can watch African movies made by Africans in Africa. The club is considering showcasing more African movies instead of Hollywood-produced black movies.”

Q. What challenges has the club faced and how have they been overcome?

A: “Visibility has been one of the biggest challenges faced by the club, especially due to the COVID-19 restrictions and surging cases last year. The club is trying to overcome this by encouraging the executive team to reach out to potential members, relying on word of mouth, and making the meetings meaningful so that students see the value in attending. The club is also trying to gather feedback from members and potential members on what they want to see, in order to make the club more appealing. The club recognizes the importance of making the most of people’s time and is striving to provide value for their time.”

Q. What is your vision for the future of the Afri-Youth Club?

A: “The vision for Afri-Youth is to expand beyond just African and black students, and become a welcoming space for students of all backgrounds to come in, participate and experience the culture and diversity. This can be achieved through meaningful interactions and asking for feedback on what students would like to see in the club.

The goal is to provide a space for education and growth for all members and foster an inclusive environment that promotes understanding and cultural appreciation.”

Q. How can the community support and get involved with the club?

A: “The best way the community can support the club is by getting involved. And also, if you have any suggestions or ideas for events or initiatives that you would like to see the club participate in, feel free to share those with us. Your input and involvement can help the club grow and achieve its goals. So whether it’s through attending meetings, volunteering, or just spreading the word about the club, every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!”


In conclusion, the Afri-Youth club is an important student organization on the Augustana campus. It was established with the goal of promoting cultural awareness and building a sense of community among African students. The club has made a significant impact in the community and has achieved some accolades, including winning the Best Club award at the Student Life Awards. 

The club is open to all students, regardless of their background, who are interested in learning about African culture and promoting diversity. The club holds various events and activities that promote learning, support, and connections among students. The club’s objectives, achievements, and activities demonstrate the positive impact it has had on the African community and campus at large, providing a safe space for African students and promoting cultural understanding among all members of the community.

February is Black History Month. Visit the University of Alberta’s page on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for more information on related events at Augustana, at North Campus, and online. Make sure to follow the Afri-Youth club’s social media to stay up to date on the club’s future events!

Getting to Know the Augustana South Asia Club



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“As the name suggests, the club is related to South Asian culture, but is not limited to individuals from this region. It is for everyone. Since Augustana is a welcoming community, we want to contribute to its vision.”

Dhenamuthan Ragu., Secretary

Augustana Campus is an inclusive ground for individuals to express themselves in a way that could positively impact others. This makes it possible for people of similar–and different–backgrounds to come together and showcase what they enjoy about their culture. In this club feature, The Dagligtale newspaper focuses on the South Asia club and will share some information discussed in an interview with their secretary. Before that, we will introduce other executive members of the club.


President: Prakashkumar Panchal

Vice-President: Anushil Raj

Treasurer: Lalith Chintakrindi

Secretary: Dhenamuthan Ragu    

Dhenamuthan Ragu, club secretary. Photo submitted.

The Dag: What kinds of events has the club held recently?

DR: The club is new, so we are still short on membership. Regardless, we are planning some events in collaboration with the chaplaincy, like the Holi – festival of colors, which will take place in the first week of march. It is one of the main events we are preparing for the semester, and it is an outdoor event. 

The Dag: What do you like about this club?

DR: I get to share the delight I get from my culture and the food I enjoyed as a kid.

The Dag: What are some of the club’s objectives?

DR: Our club intends to celebrate and showcase the cultures and the people of South Asia, which include Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. This region is very diverse without excluding religion, language, and food. 

The Dag: What is your advice for people considering joining this club?

DR: One thing is for sure; it will be a new experience, and everyone can join the club and have fun. 

The South Asian club will be at the Augustana club fair and interested individuals can get more information about this club. The club meets at least twice a week, and you can contact them through their email: and follow their Instagram page @aug_southasiaclub to keep up to date with the latest news from the club. On their Instagram page, you will find a form to fill out if you are interested in joining the club.

Upcoming South Asian Club events:

Holi – Festival of Colors, TBD

Introducing the Theatre Company with Medea: A Comedy About Death and Love


A scene from the theatre crew’s recent production of Medea. Photo submitted.

On Wednesday November 23rd, the theatre class opened the doors for the preview of their show, Medea, which was performed for a live audience five more times over the weekend. The crew all worked tirelessly for the success of this production.

We asked for some audience feedback and also interviewed members of the cast about the play and the production process.

The Dagligtale to audience members: What were the most memorable parts of the play for you?

Respondent #1:  The plot was relatable, like how Jason left his family for mergers. That was realistic.
Respondent #2: Overall, the show was enjoyable.

Interview One: Zlata Mstyslavska

Zlata is a first year Computer Science major. Photo submitted.

The Dagligtale: Do you mind telling us your role in the play?

Zlata: My character was Glauce.

The Dagligtale: Why did you choose theatre class?

Zlata: I chose this class because I love acting. I have been acting since I was a little girl.

The Dagligtale: How would you describe your experience?

Zlata: I explored the character I was playing; how she acts and her personality.

The Dagligtale: How has this helped with your goals?

Zlata: It has given me quality experiences I could use to be an actress. I am also learning how to express myself more through the arts.

Interview Two: Logan Driedger

Logan is a second year Creativity and Culture major. Photo submitted.

The Dagligtale: What was your role in the play?

Logan: I mainly played Steve in the play.

The Dagligtale: Why did you choose theatre class?

Logan: The thing is, I do not know what I want to do in the arts, so joining the class helped in giving me some insights on what I want to do.

The Dagligtale: How would you describe your experience?

Logan: Well, it was both fun and stressful. I got to take on more roles than I did last year, so I got exposure to different aspects of theatre.

The Dagligtale: How has this helped with your goals?

Logan: I got to put my hands in writing, which was good exposure.

A group of people dancing

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A scene from the theatre crew’s recent production of Medea. Photo submitted.

Interview with the Harry Potter Club President


The Harry Potter novels are a well-known and roaringly successful book series by JK Rowling that have been made into a popular film franchise near and dear to many of our hearts. A few Augustana students recognized this and have given us the opportunity to join our very own Harry Potter club and feel like a wizard on campus. As the club is non-academic, it allows students to unwind and make fond connections with individuals with similar tastes in fantasy franchises. As a fellow Potterhead and Slytherin, I wanted to gain deeper insight into what the club was all about and the fun activities they have in store for us in the Winter semester! I had a lovely conversation with the Harry Potter club president, Nicole Roy, where we discussed our favourite books and movies out of the franchise, as well as the current and upcoming plans we have yet to see from the club.

What’s the reason you started watching Harry Potter?

“I started watching Harry Potter after I read the series when I was younger. I fell in love with the books, and it was breathtaking to see the characters I grew up with be depicted on the big screen–though the books are superior!”

What made you fall in love with Harry Potter?

“I loved the magic and whimsy that the series brought. The writing transports you into Hogwarts. As you read each book, you watch the characters grow into adults and deal with trials and tribulations they never imagined themselves to face. The characters are very relatable, and each page leaves you wanting more and more. A common thing for many lovers of books and movies is the nostalgia the series brings. Many Potterheads grew up with the series, and it now serves as a reminder of their childhood. Newer fans are only beginning to discover the magic within the series, which is beautiful to watch. Overall, I fell in love with the series for many reasons.”

What’s your favourite movie and book out of the series, and why?

“My favourite book is the Prisoner of Azkaban, and my favourite movie is Goblet of Fire. Both have such fun storylines and are exciting to read and watch on-screen!”

Why did you decide to create the Harry Potter club?

“The Augustana Harry Potter Club was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, the club events were conducted virtually, and as we transition back into in-person learning, we are trying to make our club more accessible. All the events we typically held were made online, so turning them into in-person endeavours has been exciting. Our mission is to create a community for new, old, or curious Harry Potter lovers and bring the magic of the wizarding world to Augustana by offering a creative outlet through various Harry Potter-themed activities. We are also Augustana’s first fantasy-themed club!”

What activities have already occurred in the club? 

“We have held a Sorting Ceremony, a Movie Night, and a Banner Night this year!”

What kind of activities do you have planned for the club members in the future?

“We are still working on concrete plans for the winter semester. We plan to hold a general meeting in early January, once students return from winter break, to reach out to more students and build more community!”

What’s something about Harry Potter that means the most to you?

“Harry Potter teaches life lessons through its stories that stick with the reader. I also love how these characters make their way into our hearts and stay with us throughout our life.”

So there you have it, folks! Stay tuned for the fun events we’ll see in the Winter Semester, and be sure to follow the club on Instagram: @augustana.hpc. The Harry Potter Club is sure to amaze you with its new exciting activities that are sure to bring all the Potterheads together!

Banners created by the Harry Potter Club during their Banner Night event. Photos submitted.

In-and-Around ASA events


I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to conduct an interview with a member of the Augustana Students’ Association this week, something I was excited about, as I’d had next to no dealings with the organization at a personal level beforehand. 

Kyra Gusdal is a fourth year Drama major and the current Vice President of Student Life within the ASA. She hails from Wetaskiwin, Alberta where she has lived for most of her life, and was drawn to Augustana because her parents, grandfather, and brother attended in the past. In her own words, it seemed like the logical next step. She had seen multiple productions from the drama program as a child and knew it was what she wanted to pursue.

“I’m from Wetaskiwin, which is small, and this was a small campus. I know all my professors’ names. It was my last class of the semester today and I just sat for twenty minutes after, just chatting about our lives, so it’s nice to have that opportunity to really connect with your professors that you might not get somewhere with a larger campus size.”

As VP of Student Life, Kyra helms many student initiatives, as well as being involved with event planning for student events as chair of the Activities Committee and championing any issues that may arise. She initially pursued the position owing to her skills and talents as an organizer, remarking that she felt she could use the position to have a large impact on students and student issues around the campus.

“This year, a big initiative I’ve been working on has been the gender neutral washroom campaign. There’s a pilot program at North Campus that’s supposed to transfer through all the campuses, so my job is to see that student voices are actively represented … a lot of my time is spent making sure that what students need is actually following through.” On this front, by the end of the year all single-occupancy washrooms will be made gender-neutral, and multi-occupancy washrooms are being evaluated for placement within the Forum building. Additional projects include campus-based sexual violence prevention and response initiatives.

“Of course there’s always challenges that come with any student advocacy position,” Kyra notes. “There’s only one thousand students here but we’re such a diverse group of people that it’s sometimes hard when you’re sitting in those meetings [with administration] to give voice to so many of them. So it’s always a challenge to make sure that we’re accurately representing all of those students.” She considers it equally important as a representative of the student body to maintain a high degree of transparency and open information between all parties in discussion, noting that it’s the best way to have every issue be taken seriously and prepared as well as it can be. When asked about her feelings on this year’s ASA and how their opportunities have developed, Kyra responded that she felt they were, in one word, “unstoppable.” 

For students who are interested in using ASA services, they have a website (located here) and an Instagram account (@uofa_asa) where events and services are detailed. For in-person questions or consultation, the ASA office is open weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. Individuals interested in joining the council or applying as a volunteer should enquire with members of the ASA regarding both, especially the former, as elections will be coming up in the spring. Kyra’s advice to those interested: “Just do it! The ASA has made my experience at Augustana so much better than it would have been without it, and we’re really lucky to have an organization like this.”

Kyra Gusdal, ASA vice president of Student Life. Photo from web with permission.

Miss-Know-It-All: A Tricky Triangle

Q: Hey! I’ve got a tricky situation. Just to preface, it takes a lot for me to drop someone so that’s not an option here. I have two friends, Ay and Bee. Bee and I have had the same class schedule without planning, so we’ve become good friends. Ay and I became friends through Bee, but I formed my own really good friends with her too. Ay and Bee had some problems, and are no longer friends (Ay is very hurt by Bee’s actions). Bee has also messed up kinda big for me, but I am still a friend of hers. Anyways, how do I stay friends with both, without making Ay uncomfortable and/or Bee sad or left out?

On a lighter note, how can I manage to find time for self-care (showers, teeth brushing, etc) with such a busy exam and class schedule?

A: Hey there! This does indeed sound like a tricky situation. But every problem has a solution! I propose an idea: how about you voice out how you feel to both Ay and Bee? It seems like Bee has been quite salty to you as well, so maybe let them know that this is the situation and try to have them make amends. I know there’s no way to ensure that this will occur without any awkwardness, but if this friendship is worth salvaging, then in a couple of months this will be nothing but a laughing matter. As for your relationship with Ay, you don’t need to compromise how you treat them because of her fallout with Bee. While they may have introduced Ay to you, you shouldn’t feel obligated to take Bee’s side.

On the note about self-care: while grades are very important, that is no excuse to forego your personal hygiene dude! I know it’s difficult, but your health comes first and you could potentially jeopardize it if you don’t take care of yourself properly. Not making time for hygiene and self-care will only make your stress and busy schedule worse, so you’re not helping anyone by putting it off in favour of homework. I know this probably sounds repetitive, but create a schedule of what time you want to do each activity. Exam stress is next level, but please give yourself time to just relax and breathe for a bit. Meditation usually helps me personally, so you could try that too!

Hope this helps!

Miss Know-It-All

Have questions for Miss-Know-It-All? Send them in anonymously here, or email

The Fall 2022 Student Academic Conference


The Student Academic Conference (SAC) is a symposium organized by Augustana faculty at the end of each term. It is a grand occasion for undergraduate students to present their independent research. The conference allows many individuals to showcase what they are passionate about while learning about others’ chosen studies in depth. It also helps build connections and networks amongst like-minded individuals and professionals in their industries. An additional benefit to this conference is that it looks great on your resume! 

This semester’s SAC was held on December 8th and included 15 oral presentations at different times throughout the afternoon and 52 poster presentations in the Forum, including many of our own staff writers!

This year, I had the opportunity to venture through the SAC panels to see what kind of research the students took part in, and the results were very impressive! Each student researched different topics, ranging from probiotics and their role in preventing or treating candida bio-films to Alberta’s law and whether there should be an adoption of a Provincial Police Service. An exciting aspect of this year’s SAC was the inclusion of presentations from three students nominated for the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, including our staff writer, Mia Arciniegas, presenting on hyper-femininity in old Hollywood films, and our Editor-in-Chief, Shelby Paulgaard, presenting on sexual assault representation in the Media, along with Leif Hvenegaard presenting on beaver occupancy in ponds and the effects on biodiversity. 

I was personally invested in the research regarding a study done on female rats, particularly observing seizure activity after intracerebral hemorrhage during their estrous cycle. This was a long-term study conducted by Jenessa Doctor (a 4th-year student) in collaboration with Ana Klahr et al. After Jenessa’s presentation, I had the chance to interview her regarding her experience with SAC. When asked about what motivated her to take on this project, she replied that this offered her research experience for her future in grad school. “I’m hoping to go and study psychology in grad school,” she said. When looking for a topic to research, she took on the advice of her professor, who was working on a project and offered to make her a part of it, having Jenessa report on the research and analysis.

Jenessa also mentioned the highlight of her participation in this project: “I’ve learned a ton about seizure and stroke. It was such an excellent major problem. And so that was probably like a big highlight, just the knowledge I gained.” she said. 

She also emphasized how SAC helped her overall: “I think this project definitely helped with my presentation ability. I think that it’s nice to get that experience for future purposes. So again, just for the experience in terms of the study, I learned a lot about the research process, which is interesting and the amount of work that goes into it even before the experiment takes place because all of this work that I’ve done this semester is going to obviously help facilitate what I’m doing next semester. But just the preparation really made me appreciate my research.” she said.

All in all, this was an experience worth presenting and sharing, and I hope to be a part of the panel of the SAC in the future.

Images from Fall Semester SAC 2022. Photos courtesy of Gurmehar Bajwa.