Asking Around


Do you prefer to watch movies or series? And why?

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Mayowa – “I prefer movies because movies will always have an end, but series’ can be canceled, and you must wait for a long time (sometimes years) for a new season.”

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El-Amin – Series because they are longer and build anticipation for the next episode/season.

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David- I prefer to watch movies, because not only are they short and compact, but the storyline and overall essence are also not as long as the series. This way I don’t have to watch multiple seasons and episodes to get the overall message or complete timeline of whatever I’m consuming.

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Benjamin- Although I don’t really watch movies and series, I’ll prefer movies because I get to see the full story at once and it’s kinda hard to follow series. It takes consistency. 

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Ana- I prefer movies because their short length allows me to get all the answers in a shorter span of time and I don’t have to yearn for answers to unanswered questions the way I do with series.

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Ezra- Series. Because with each episode, you’re kept in suspense and left wanting to watch more.

Asking Around


Presenting a chat with fellow students on the historical figures from all time – past, present or future – they would most fancy meeting if given the chance.

Dagligtale: If you had the chance to meet any historical figure or individual from the past, present, or future, who would it be and why?

Ada: “I would like to meet Lagbaja. I want to know what drugs he used when he was performing during his shows. For those who aren’t familiar, he is a Nigerian afrobeat musician, singer-songwriter and percussionist, widely known as Lágbájá for his signature use of a mask which covers his identity.”

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Mathe: “Dave Chapelle. I would like to know how he makes comedy and fares under controversy. I also want to smoke a blunt with him.”

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Ana: “Serena Williams. She is my favorite athlete, and she has been a role model and inspiration for me throughout childhood. I also love watching her play tennis and would like to play with her for leisure one day.”

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Benjamin: “I would like to meet my future self. I want to get inspiration from the better version of myself.”

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Mayowa: “Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. He is a well-written character and I have a few questions to ask him.” 

Asking Around


If you were ruler of your own country, which law would you introduce first?

“Free university tuition.” – Pastor Craig

“No harming others.” – Lisa

“I would introduce a law about income disparity: something like, the highest earner in a company cannot earn more than twenty times the lowest earner. I believe income disparity is a key factor in the breakdown of community.” – Dr. Paula Marentette 

“Free prescription drugs for everyone, but especially seniors, as they have to take a lot of medication but often cannot afford them.” – Emmalee

“I would take at least 60% of funding meant for the police and put it towards social work and mental health programs.” – Kai

“Free food to end world hunger.” – Parfaite

“Universal housing and healthcare.”- Abby

Asking Around


If you could have a superpower, what would you pick and why?

“Flight. It’s something that you can’t do naturally.” – Della.

“Stopping time. I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want.” – Mayowa.

“Super strength, so I can take all your girlfriends.” – Judah.

“I’d like to transform into any animal that I want. It would be useful when escaping a difficult situation.” – Ezra.

“I’d like to predict the future. It would help my financial investments and I would win all my bets.” – Elamin.

“Telekinesis. It’s a cool power to have.” – Katrin.

“Flight. ‘Cause I can go anywhere I want.”- Ona.

“Speed. I can perform tasks faster and my thinking speed increases.”- Ansh.

“Gravity manipulation. It’s convenient and I can do things easily.”- Hisham.

“Stopping time. I can finish my assignments easily.”- Lalight.

“Invincibility. Torment my enemies, cherish good times with friends, experience nostalgia, gain knowledge and transform society.”- Saim.

“Mind reading. Knowing what people think.”- Leon.

“Reading people’s minds. You can win people over easily and get whatever you want.”- Mirah.

“Teleportation. To run away from my problems easily.”- Husna.

“Teleportation. I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, and experience new cultures and life.”- Aishi.

An Augustana Treasure

Catching Up With Terence


  1.    Since when have you been working here?

Since January 2015.

  1.    What is your favorite part of the job?

Most likely the students and faculty I get to deal with.

  1.    What do you like about Augustana?

Augustana is a small local community so you get to interact with people you normally wouldn’t get to.

  1.    What have been your most memorable experience here so far?

So far…ummm. It has to be SCORE. Because it brings in local usable stuff. Nothing gets thrown out. So it’s a good thing for the community.

  1.    What would you recommend everyone to try at Café? Why?

Try our espresso, or like an Ice Latte or Cappuccino. The espresso comes from Transcend in Edmonton. So it’s local and good.

  1.    Which is your favorite type of coffee?

I like Americanos because it’s with espresso and water.

  1.    What is your favorite food?

My favorite food. It has to be Pasta. I am a Pasta guy; I love Italian meals.

  1.    When are you happiest at work?

At work… (laughing) usually at the lunch rush because there is lots to do. Keeps my attention focused somewhere. Lunch rush is the best.

  1.    Tell me about a difficult situation and how you handled it?

Difficult…. I don’t know if I had too many difficult experiences. The most challenging thing I do in a day is trying to make a good special. Try to make a sandwich that everybody likes and which suits different food groups.

  1.    Where would you like to travel this summer?

This summer, I kind of want to go up to Great Slave Lake and do some fishing. It’s a great place to do some camping and see the Northwest Territories at the same time.

  1.    What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time. I like movies, I like to make things, I am not into TV. I have been a year and a half off the internet. So, trying to find things that we used to do, to keep ourselves busy without smartphones and androids.

  1.    How are you surviving without the internet?

I am doing really good and you know like I am not living up to someone else’s expectations now that I have a lack of social media. So I feel things that I do in a day are relevant. They are actually adding up to something opposed to just checking out what somebody else did in a day. So it’s interesting but not using google… it was so easy to just google a question and find the answer. Now I actually have to think about it or research it. So, it’s a little different and then maybe start writing letters again.

  1.    What was the first dish you ever prepared?

The very first thing I cooked was wieners and beans and I was 6 years old and I stood on a chair and I stirred the pot and had to put my arm in the pot because I was so short.

  1.    What is your funniest experience at Augustana?

Monica and I were making a special. We did a pita that we didn’t warm didn’t even taste. Like, usually we taste it. And we just rushed through the rush. We found out later on that nobody liked it and so when we tried it, it was the worst special we had made. And so now we don’t make them but Monica and I laughed hours about that special; all we had to do was try it and we would have realized it’s taste. We never had that bad of a special.

  1.    Your words of advice for students?

Keep your head up. You know, a lot of you think less of yourselves during exam time. Studying for exams is only retention, so just retain the information and you will do fine. Our brains naturally recall so this should be less stress if you are paying attention in class. Studying should be just fine.

Familiar Faces


Every issue, we reach out to staff members or faculty who are new or new to their roles at Augustana for our Familiar Faces feature. If you’ve attended soup supper, Geordie Nelson is probably already a familiar face. Geordie is the Chaplaincy Assistant here at Augustana and, apparently, quite the gymnast.

1) Do you have any hidden talents that most people don’t know about? 

I can do a really good cartwheel.

2) What did you wear to your high school graduation?

A suit with a fedora and snazzy long-toed white shoes.

3) Did you make resolutions for 2017? How are they coming along?

I did. [It was] to become more active. I did a boot camp in January and I’ve gone running with a friend twice. So it’s slow progress.

4) What is your role on campus?

Chaplaincy’s mission is to walk with students on their liberal arts journey of educating the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Practically, I help to build community on campus. I help put on the chapel services, soup supper, and our coffee houses for example. I work with the student chaplains and other students like the Inter-Faith Council (where we plan evenings to talk about different religious perspectives). I can be a listening ear for students, whether they have questions about their spirituality or other things. I also do some office work, to keep Chaplaincy functioning day to day. And I do events planning, like SCORE!, the Fair Trade Local Made Sale, and other events. So my role is a mix of things, I see my job as three parts: working with students, office work, and events planning.  

Familiar Faces


We at the Dagligtale have a fun tradition (it’s officially a tradition if you do it semi-regularly for a few months, right?) of acquainting the campus with some new members of its community. This issue, we talked to Alyssa Martin, a transplant from the Camrose Public Library, about future goals and sparkly things. Alyssa is a Public Service Assistant at our library.

1)Do you have any hidden talents that most people don’t know about? 

Hidden talents… I’m pretty good at real life Tetris. I can fit more food into a refrigerator than should really be allowed. The same goes for packing boxes, getting a lot of stuff into a car, cramming all of my junk into the closet when company comes over, etc.

2) What did you wear to your high school graduation?

At Camrose Composite High School, they combine graduation and prom into one day, so I wore a dark turquoise gown, and I borrowed some sparkly earrings. 

3) Did you make resolutions for 2017? How are they coming along?

I don’t normally make New Years’ resolutions, but I do have some goals I’m working towards. I want to do more illustration and design work this year (that’s what I went to school for), and I want to start to learn another language. I always hated French class in school, and subsequently I didn’t learn much. But it becomes more and more apparent to me that the ability to communicate with people who have different life experiences is incredibly important. So, I decided to start with French because I thought it might be easiest language for me to learn; we’ll see how far I get.

4) What’s your favourite part of your job?

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is helping students with their research questions (we have research help available Monday-Friday, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm) and we love seeing everyone’s lovely faces at the circulation desk.

Familiar Faces


Every issue, we interview faculty and staff who are new to campus or new to their positions here at Augustana. This issue, we interviewed Robin Willey, a sessional instructor in sociology, and Amal Chehayeb, an sessional instructor in French.

We asked them the following questions:

1) Have you lived anywhere outside of Alberta? If so, where? 

2) If you had a theme song to describe your life or capture your personality, what would it be?

3) What is your number one pet peeve when marking?


Robin Willey has recently defended his PhD dissertation at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. His research generally focuses on Evangelical Christianity in Canada. Although he has previously published articles on the difficulties of conducting research in church communities and the sexual practices of Evangelical young adults, his current research looks to investigate the changing theo-political orientations of Canadian Evangelicals.

  1. Nope. I have lived in six different places in Alberta, however, which has got to count for something. Right?
  2. “Chapel Song” by We are Augustines. I can’t tell you why. It has just been on my main playlist for almost 3 years now. I guess it might speak to some of the grad school related angst I have been experiencing over the last several years. Thank goodness that is done! But, a close second would be “Reason to Believe” by Bruce Springsteen. The song pretty much sums up why I think the sociological study of religion is important.
  3. Semicolon use! In an ideal world, students would have to write a certification exam to obtain the right to use semi-colons in their work. Or an outright ban, I could get behind that too. These things would make the world a better place.



Amal Chehayeb is a French instructor.  She taught AUFRE101 and AUFRE201 last term and is teaching AUFRE 102, AUFRE202, and AUFRE 301. She also is a belly dancing instructor.

  1. I was born in Lebanon.  In 1976 we moved to Alberta to escape the civil war.  My father was a pilot for the Middle East Airlines.  He quit his job and bought a Burger  Baron in Wetaskiwin where the whole family worked while going to school. I lived in Buffalo, New York for one year where I attended college. During my career as a teacher, I worked in Lebanon for 5 years as an elementary school teacher; in Adelaide , Australia for 8 months where I taught French and Spanish to beginner adults; in Doha, Qatar for one year where I taught at the Qatar Canadian School; in Amman, Jordan, as well as Guadalajara, Mexico for 5 months each, teaching at their Canadian Schools.
  1.  Roar by Katy Perry. Although I depend a lot on my partner and enjoy his company and am grateful for all that he does for me and my family, I know I have proven to myself over and over again that I am able to get up every time I fall.
  1. Not a lot bothers me when I am marking.  Once I find my flow I am able to mark quite happily.  What I dislike is receiving a late assignment as I would need to review my previous method on the assignments that have already been marked in order to be consistent.