pure hypocrisy.

epitome of betrayal,

enemy of fairness.

spoken through the tongue of a liar,

claimed as sincerity.

conveyed with bias,

shared through stories,

marking history.

words strong as a boulder,

shifting tectonic plates.

eruption and erosion,

responsible for the killing of mankind. 


I miss you.

I love you.

I promise.


your thorns pierce my supple skin,

chains around my neck;

strangulation and suffocation, 

I wish to escape. 

windows to the soul,

your darkness preventing any vision;

the path is in front of me,

yet I cannot see. 

you send him.

he comes for an embrace,

I reciprocate.

for I cannot leave nor see,

this is my fate.

suppressed sins surfaced;

slave to myself,

I must answer before finality is set in stone. 

false comfort must rest,

I must comply.

time progresses,

still a prisoner,

truth cannot be provided,

for we are insincere.

truthfully, we are trapped.

because the lies will always be lies 

but the truth will never be true.

  • Aishi Nayar