• Grade Us Next Year…Please?

    BY ERIC ANDERSSON Well, this has been an interesting semester, hasn’t it? I don’t think anyone could have predicted the crazy turn this term took last month, when the emerging COVID-19 pandemic forced universities around the world to shut their doors and move their classes online.  It was a crazy time full of fear and […]

  • A Brief Overview of the ASA Presidential Candidates

    BY ALIZA GRAHAM / DAGLIGTALE STAFF WRITER The Candidates for President of the Augustana Student’s Association for the Spring 2020 Elections are Tanner Gausvik and Arnold Gihozo. They are running for the President position for the 2020/2021 school year, and the Candidates Forum is set to take place on March 16th, and voting will take […]

  • Augustana Choir Tour: A Recap From the Choir President

    BY SIERRA NAPIER / DAGLIGTALE FREELANCE WRITER The Augustana Choir (TAC), led by the brilliant Dr. John Wiebe, spent the latter half of reading week touring rural Alberta. With stops in Castor, Stettler, Coronation, Medicine Hat, & Drumheller, TAC enjoyed musical workshops with all levels of schools along with full evening performances open to all. […]

  • The Meaning of Pride

    BY MIA ARCINEGAS / STAFF WRITER Pride comes in many forms, can be expressed in countless ways, but what exactly is pride? What does it mean to be proud? Usually, the term is applied when one is proud of something they’ve done, or proud of an accomplishment. But pride in terms of queer identity is […]

  • So You Think You Can Drag: A Recap

    BY MIA ARCINEGAS / DAGLIGTALE STAFF WRITER On February 28th, the 7th annual “So You Think You Can Drag” show was held at the Bailey Theatre here in Camrose. It was part of the series of events that made up pride week at Augustana. This was my 2nd time attending this show, and I was […]

  • Chicago: An Excellent Production

    BY MAVEN BODDY / DAGLIGTALE FREELANCE WRITER The Churchmice Players of Camrose have put together another amazing show: Chicago. This thrilling musical and Broadway hit came to life in Camrose on opening night, February 6, 2020. The story features two murderesses being defended by the same lawyer. The only catch is that they are using […]


    BY SIRI PRASAD BABU / DAGLIGTALE FREELANCE WRITER The first Augustana Vikings Men’s home volleyball game of the Winter 11-week term kicked off at 8:00 PM on the 1st of February, 2020. The Vikings played against the Concordia Thunder, who won the game with a total score of 3-2. The first two sets of the […]


    BY ERIC ANDERSSON Six years ago today, during my very first year at Augustana, one of my high school friends committed suicide. The news blindsided me; I still remember getting up the morning after it happened, eating breakfast, taking a shower, brushing my teeth, going through my morning routine as if everything was normal.  I […]


    AMITAV BANERJI There are few things more exasperating than a busy mind that never stops and won’t let you have a moment of peace. Imagine you are on vacation. Every department in your life is aware that you are on vacation and no one is bothering you. However, the ‘on vacation’ message hasn’t reached your […]


    BY KIRANDEEP SINGH / DAGLIGTALE STAFF WRITER With the winter semester speeding by, we decided to ask our fellow ASA members about their plans going forward. President – Philip Miheso Philip has three projects he is focusing on. The first one consists of putting up a ad-hoc committee. This is a long-term goal and will […]