• There is Hope: Life After Augustana

    PART ONE by JENNIFER HA As a fifth year, I’ve found that small talk as a university student typically follows this tedious and slightly panicked pattern: name, hometown, major, and future plans. While I usually try to divert the conversation by bringing up horoscopes (happy Scorpio season!), I still find myself having to answer the […]

  • What Has That Sneaky ASA Been Up To?

    by KEN WINDER The Augustana Student Association’s Fall General Meeting happened in late October. The meeting consisted of an address, the budget, question period, and the discussions of the new academic calendar, sexual assault, and the fee referendum.   During the first hour of the general meeting, council members and representatives gave their address. Each […]

  • Cruising Through Camrose!

    An Untold Bus Story by ISABELL STAMM Get to know your community on the Camrose Community Bus! This new installment from the City of Camrose runs twice a week, with a $2 charge one way. The bus currently runs on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 until 4. City Council is asking students to call in […]

  • Two Birds, One Stone… Or Something Like That

    Two Media Sources On Campus by KEN WINDER The Dagligtale and the Medium? If you’re busy like most of the general student population, you typically don’t question which media source you pick up to read during the five minutes you’ve allotted to scarf down your calories for the day. Both media sources have content managed […]

  • Behold the Splendour of the North!

    by CRYSTAL ROSENE This month’s subject is a bit closer to Earth than those of the previous articles, but I felt it was relevant. As you may have heard, this fall has been spectacular for displaying some breathtaking shows courtesy of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. So I thought this would be a good […]

  • Knowing when to Fold ‘Em: What a Withdrawal Really Means on Your Transcript

    by JENNIFER HA Augustana’s liberal arts curriculum has allowed (and, at times, forced) me to take courses in a variety of disciplines. As a crotchety, old fifth year, I have a transcript and a grade point average of which I am extremely proud—a result of taking a wide range of courses I found interesting and […]

  • Wooden Horsemen? More like Wooden I like to see them live.

    BY CAROLYN VENTER   After calling band member Steven Beddall once while he was on a hike with his sister and another time while he was in the process of a twenty-minute drive, I decided I would just make some stuff up. Steven discovered a love of music after he started playing the guitar his […]

  • A Guide to Picking Your Halloween Costume

    by JENNIFER HA The middle of October means that every store is getting ready for Halloween, filling their aisles with pumpkins and candy. As you join in on the preparations by buying 120 “fun sized” candy bars (for the trick-or-treaters, not for panicked study sessions, right?) and carving pumpkins, you’re probably planning a costume as […]

  • Research in Paradise!

    An Inside Look Into the Costa Rica Field Course  by YU FEI HUANG & SAMMY LOWE Interested in learning all about tropical ecology? What if I told you Augustana offers a chance for you to do research in Costa Rica? We interviewed fourth-year biology student, Evan Whitfield, about his experience of the program. It consists […]

  • You Know What Sucks?(Black Holes)

    by CRYSTAL ROSENE It is a massive undertaking to explain black holes correctly, especially in five hundred words! There is no denying that this is one aspect of the cosmos that nearly everyone is somewhat familiar with, even if it’s only due to science fiction. Because black holes are so complex, they become an easy […]