• U.N.derstanding Diplomacy

    University of Alberta Model United Nations Takes DC by JENNIFER HA From Friday, November 10th to Sunday, November 13, 2016, the University of Alberta’s Model United Nations team attended the National Model United Nations conference held in Washington, D.C. Over a thousand students from eighty different universities throughout the world were at the conference. University […]

  • The Montreal Massacre

    A Day of Remembrance by JENNY GREEN The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women is December 6 for a sombre reason. This year, it marks the twenty-seventh anniversary of a violent shooting at a Quebec academic institution which targeted its victims for something they did not choose: their gender. December 6, […]

  • #Trumped

    by KEN WINDER Yes. Donald J. Trump won the election. A joke America took seriously. Instead of focusing on the many failings of Trump, which are too numerous to mention, let’s focus on what this election means for Canada and the citizens of North America. Where the United States leads, Canada has the potential to […]

  • Life After Augustana: Part Two

    The Success Continues… by JENNIFER HA Your favourite scorpio here, bringing you the second installment of Life After Augustana where I asked recent Augustana graduates the following questions: What are you doing now that you have graduated from Augustana? What were your graduation plans upon entering university? Did they change by the time you graduated? […]

  • “This is a Most Incomprehensible Affair!”

    One Class’ Journey to Bring Sherlock Holmes to the Stage by CAROLYN VENTER & SAMMY LOWE As none of you know, the play A Study In Scarlet opens on Thursday, Nov 24th. This fresh new take on the classic Sherlock Holmes tale presents the story exactly as written, with a story improvisation twist . We […]

  • HI-SEAS: A New HAB-itat for Humanity?

    by CRYSTAL ROSENE Earth’s neighbour, the Red Planet, provides us with plentiful research opportunities involving analysis of real data gathered on robotic exploratory missions as well as hypothetical simulations carried out on Earth. The next logical step is a manned mission to Mars, but we must study more about the Martian environment and living conditions […]

  • “You Either Have Cankles or You Wear High Socks, Like Me”

    Augustana Fashion Has Never Been More Relevant by CAROLYN VENTER After being told that I had to interview people who weren’t my friends, like a real journalist, I walked over to some outdoor education majors whom I had never met before in my life and asked them if I could interview them about their style. […]

  • Damn Augustana… You Got Talent

    Thinkers, Researchers, Communicators and… STARS: A Review of AGT by ISABELL STAMM There is no better way to show off your cool tricks than to enter in Augustana’s Got Talent! For those amazing students who did so on November 5th, true stars shone under the fluorescent lights. With their newfound fame and fortune we had […]

  • Desire

    by JENNY GREEN The craving is overpowering my senses, drowning my mortal thoughts. I know that I must resist the temptation, but it’s so hard. How unjust that something so appealing, so enticing can exist but I know it to be true. I have tasted Heaven and I want more. I try once more to […]

  • A Vibrator, a Raw Duck, the Cops, and an Old Man

    by CAROLYN VENTER For those who don’t know, Sociology Professor Geraint Osborne teaches a controversial class every two years where you can learn about genital piercings, witch burnings and social stigma. The latter is examined through a ‘social norm breaching experiment’. If you don’t know what that means, it’s like that time in the fifth […]