• Putting Dark Energy in the Spotlight

    by CRYSTAL ROSENE The universe is expanding. In fact, this was first determined 87 years ago by the famous astronomer, Edwin Hubble. Hubble proposed that the speed at which an object is receding is proportional to its distance from Earth with the formula v = Hod. Astronomers began to piece together the evolution of our […]

  • Lion Bear Fox

    B.C. Band Plays the Bailey by CAROLYN VENTER This Oct. 22nd you are in for a treat. For only 15 dollars you can share the company of a band that calls themselves, the Lion Bear Fox. To put that in layman’s terms, that’s the same price as a formal ticket or a pillow with Nicholas […]

  • “Help me, I’m Poor”

    Navigating Camrose on a Student Budget by JENNIFER HA We’ve all heard the promotional spiel: attending Augustana can equal smaller class sizes, bigger opportunities, additional scholarships, and overall a really amazing liberal arts education. What the brochures neglect to mention, however, are the perks that being a Viking has for your wallet. Compared to living […]

  • The Art of Going Down… To Australia to Play Hockey

    by CAROLYN VENTER Ever heard of the AIHL? Of course you haven’t. It’s the Australian Ice Hockey League. The current champions of the league are the Newcastle North Stars, and Augustana has some claim to their fame. Beau Taylor, Scott Swiston, and Connor McLaughlin all played for the league this past summer. “We rented a […]