• HI-SEAS: A New HAB-itat for Humanity?

    by CRYSTAL ROSENE Earth’s neighbour, the Red Planet, provides us with plentiful research opportunities involving analysis of real data gathered on robotic exploratory missions as well as hypothetical simulations carried out on Earth. The next logical step is a manned mission to Mars, but we must study more about the Martian environment and living conditions […]

  • “You Either Have Cankles or You Wear High Socks, Like Me”

    Augustana Fashion Has Never Been More Relevant by CAROLYN VENTER After being told that I had to interview people who weren’t my friends, like a real journalist, I walked over to some outdoor education majors whom I had never met before in my life and asked them if I could interview them about their style. […]

  • Damn Augustana… You Got Talent

    Thinkers, Researchers, Communicators and… STARS: A Review of AGT by ISABELL STAMM There is no better way to show off your cool tricks than to enter in Augustana’s Got Talent! For those amazing students who did so on November 5th, true stars shone under the fluorescent lights. With their newfound fame and fortune we had […]

  • Desire

    by JENNY GREEN The craving is overpowering my senses, drowning my mortal thoughts. I know that I must resist the temptation, but it’s so hard. How unjust that something so appealing, so enticing can exist but I know it to be true. I have tasted Heaven and I want more. I try once more to […]

  • A Vibrator, a Raw Duck, the Cops, and an Old Man

    by CAROLYN VENTER For those who don’t know, Sociology Professor Geraint Osborne teaches a controversial class every two years where you can learn about genital piercings, witch burnings and social stigma. The latter is examined through a ‘social norm breaching experiment’. If you don’t know what that means, it’s like that time in the fifth […]

  • There is Hope: Life After Augustana

    PART ONE by JENNIFER HA As a fifth year, I’ve found that small talk as a university student typically follows this tedious and slightly panicked pattern: name, hometown, major, and future plans. While I usually try to divert the conversation by bringing up horoscopes (happy Scorpio season!), I still find myself having to answer the […]

  • What Has That Sneaky ASA Been Up To?

    by KEN WINDER The Augustana Student Association’s Fall General Meeting happened in late October. The meeting consisted of an address, the budget, question period, and the discussions of the new academic calendar, sexual assault, and the fee referendum.   During the first hour of the general meeting, council members and representatives gave their address. Each […]

  • Cruising Through Camrose!

    An Untold Bus Story by ISABELL STAMM Get to know your community on the Camrose Community Bus! This new installment from the City of Camrose runs twice a week, with a $2 charge one way. The bus currently runs on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 until 4. City Council is asking students to call in […]

  • Two Birds, One Stone… Or Something Like That

    Two Media Sources On Campus by KEN WINDER The Dagligtale and the Medium? If you’re busy like most of the general student population, you typically don’t question which media source you pick up to read during the five minutes you’ve allotted to scarf down your calories for the day. Both media sources have content managed […]

  • Behold the Splendour of the North!

    by CRYSTAL ROSENE This month’s subject is a bit closer to Earth than those of the previous articles, but I felt it was relevant. As you may have heard, this fall has been spectacular for displaying some breathtaking shows courtesy of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. So I thought this would be a good […]