• “The Barter System Be Like…” A Comic By Sadie Sherman

  • A Recap of the ASA Candidates’ Forum

    BY GEMMA PAGE / FREELANCE WRITER The Augustana Student Association (ASA) Candidate’s Forum for the upcoming Winter 2021 election was held on Monday March 15, 2021 at 6pm. Rather than being held in the Wahkohtowin lodge, candidates and students gathered on a Google Meets link, which also was live streamed on the ASA Facebook page. […]

  • Augustana’s Got Talent – Recap

    GEMMA PAGE / FREELANCE WRITER Augustana’s Got Talent (AGT) is an annual talent show held every winter which allows students to showcase their various talents. This year’s edition, which was hosted, as usual, by the Augustana Students’ Association (ASA), was held Saturday, February 27, 2021. Things looked a lot different this year: the talent segments […]

  • It’s Not Rocket Science

  • ASA Elections Update

    BY GEMMA PAGE / FREELANCE WRITER Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all aspects of our lives are now online… including the upcoming Augustana Students’ Association (ASA) election and nomination processes. The time has come for the virtual Spring 2021 elections. If you are a full time Augustana student and you have a minimum GPA […]

  • Thoughts on COVID-19 in the New Year

    MIA ARCINIEGAS – STAFF WRITER With February approaching, I could not have imagined the world looking the way it does now, compared to when this all began early last year. I am left wondering what everything will be like a year from now; regardless, this pandemic has, and will continue to change the way in […]

  • Nobel Prize Lunch & Learn – A Summary

    BY GURMEHAR KAUR BAJWA / STAFF WRITER On December 2, Augustana hosted its fifth session of Lunch & Learn where members of the facultypresented brief, simplified explanations of the contributions behind each of the 2020 Nobelprizes in medicine, literature, chemistry and peace. The Nobel prizes are the legacy of AlfredNobel, a Swedish chemist and inventor […]

  • Staying Social (and Sane) During a Pandemic

    By Mia Arciniegas / STAFF WRITER I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that these last few months have beenbizarre, and I think I can speak for many when I say that it has been a crazy experiencetrying to adjust to this new reality. If this virus has taught me anything, it’s thatthere […]

  • The International Student Experience

    Gurmehar Bajwa / Staff Writer Working from a different time-zone has most certainly been a challenge for most international students. The issue is with a lot of the classes being synchronous, which forces us to attend classes at the scheduled time irrespective of our circumstances or preferences. Sipping on coffee at 2 AM while you […]

  • Finding Hope in the Age of COVID

    ERIC ANDERSSON / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Well, the 3-week term is behind us, and the 11-week term is now underway.  Outside, the leaves are changing, and if you step outside at night you can feel the first nip of winter, which is of course just a prelude to the big November-February freeze.  Students everywhere are now sitting […]