• Setting the Stage: Theatre Preparation and Production

    BY JOSH WADE / STAFF WRITER For many of those within Augustana’s halls, January and February are times of change and uncertainty, at least as far as schooling and work are concerned. What will one’s courses turn out to be like? Will hours remain agreeable? Perhaps most importantly, will one of our professors schedule a […]

  • The Fall 2022 Student Academic Conference

    BY AVOLIN SEN / STAFF WRITER The Student Academic Conference (SAC) is a symposium organized by Augustana faculty at the end of each term. It is a grand occasion for undergraduate students to present their independent research. The conference allows many individuals to showcase what they are passionate about while learning about others’ chosen studies […]

  • It’s That Time of the Year

    BY GURMEHAR BAJWA / MANAGING EDITOR We all want to read about Christmas and the holidays, I’m sure. But I unapologetically offer you yet another “How to Tackle Finals” piece; enjoy.  In my fourth (and still not final) year of my degree, I can confidently tell you – I have no clue how to tackle […]

  • Miss-Know-It-All: A Tricky Triangle

    Q: Hey! I’ve got a tricky situation. Just to preface, it takes a lot for me to drop someone so that’s not an option here. I have two friends, Ay and Bee. Bee and I have had the same class schedule without planning, so we’ve become good friends. Ay and I became friends through Bee, […]

  • Asking Around

    BY PRECIOUS AKANINYENE / STAFF WRITER Presenting a chat with fellow students on the historical figures from all time – past, present or future – they would most fancy meeting if given the chance. Dagligtale: If you had the chance to meet any historical figure or individual from the past, present, or future, who would […]

  • “You Can Never Go Wrong With Learning a Second Language”: An Interview with Felix Fandoh

    BY ISCA IRANGWE / STAFF WRITER Felix Fandoh, assistant lecturer, Fine Arts & Humanities. Photo submitted. “If you ever want to learn a second language, consider yourself lucky! Augustana offers quite a few related courses and you are welcome to pick one you’re interested in! I highly encourage students to enroll in French courses, as […]

  • In-and-Around ASA events

    BY JOSH WADE / STAFF WRITER I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to conduct an interview with a member of the Augustana Students’ Association this week, something I was excited about, as I’d had next to no dealings with the organization at a personal level beforehand.  Kyra Gusdal is a fourth year Drama […]

  • Interview with the Harry Potter Club President

    BY AVOLIN SEN / STAFF WRITER The Harry Potter novels are a well-known and roaringly successful book series by JK Rowling that have been made into a popular film franchise near and dear to many of our hearts. A few Augustana students recognized this and have given us the opportunity to join our very own […]

  • Mediums of Power: Addressing Media Bias in the Age of Social Media

    BY SHELBY PAULGAARD / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF I spent this semester working on a research project, under Dr. Roxanne Harde’s supervision, related to media reporting on sexual assault and how social media plays into rape culture. The overlap of this project with working on reviving the student newspaper here at Augustana ended up being incredibly interesting, and […]

  • Introducing the Theatre Company with Medea: A Comedy About Death and Love

    BY OFURE EIGBE / STAFF WRITER A scene from the theatre crew’s recent production of Medea. Photo submitted. On Wednesday November 23rd, the theatre class opened the doors for the preview of their show, Medea, which was performed for a live audience five more times over the weekend. The crew all worked tirelessly for the […]