• Finding Time to Say ‘Yes’

    BY SHELBY PAULGAARD / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF As a fourth year student, I have found it so interesting–and sad–to look back at the past few years at Augustana and see how much has changed. Everyone who entered university in the last four years will have some sort of crazy story about how their schooling was impacted by […]

  • Asking Around

    BY PRECIOUS AKANINYENE / STAFF WRITER If you could have a superpower, what would you pick and why? “Flight. It’s something that you can’t do naturally.” – Della. “Stopping time. I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want.” – Mayowa. “Super strength, so I can take all your girlfriends.” – Judah. “I’d like […]

  • Achieving Presentness and Focus in the Digital Age

    BY MIA ARCINIEGAS / STAFF WRITER Whenever Tik Tok reminds me that we are indeed living on a floating rock in the middle of space, my mind can’t help but spiral. This happens at least once a week, and I am constantly full of existential dread (don’t fret, this piece is meant to be encouraging, […]

  • Class Feature: AUHIS 121

    BY JOSH WADE / STAFF WRITER For this installment of the Dagligtale’s class feature, we’ll be taking a look at History 121 and its professor, Geoffrey Dipple. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Dipple to shed some light on his background and teaching. Dr. Dipple hails from Ontario, though he holds dual citizenship between […]

  • Vikings Men’s Volleyball Training to Break Streak

    BY AVOLIN SEN / STAFF WRITER The Augustana Vikings sports teams for the 2022/23 seasons include basketball, curling, cross-country running, hockey (men’s), soccer (women’s), indoor track, nordic ski and volleyball. This season, the Vikings have been victorious in many fields. The Vikings Women’s Basketball team recently brought home a win over the Red Deer Polytechnic […]

  • The Augustana Psychology Club: Building Community and Promoting Mental Health

    BY ISCA V. IRANGWE / STAFF WRITER The main focus of The Augustana Psychology Club is to engage individuals on campus with psychology and bring more awareness to mental health on campus. The club aims to build a community through academic events such as peer tutoring, psych information night, and future opportunities. In addition, non-academic […]

  • Romance over the Seasons


  • Pretty Privilege


  • Representing Us: the ASA

    BY OFURE EIGBE / STAFF WRITER We know the Augustana Student Association plays many roles on campus, but what do we know about what they actually do for Augustana Students? Before that, let me briefly introduce our ASA members for the 2022/2023 academic year. EXECUTIVE Cindy Roose – Executive Director Jewel Naicker – President Saim […]

  • Augustana’s Festival of Lights

    BY AVOLIN SEN / STAFF WRITER The festival of lights, known as Deepavali or Diwali, is the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals. A festival marked by four days of celebration, Diwali is observed all around India and celebrated in different parts of the world. People in Northern India burn rows of clay […]