Preparing for Exams: Insights from Augustana’s Students


Question: What study habits or strategies have you found to be the most effective in preparing for exams?

Studying in a group and taking timed breaks (mostly for snacks) – Nina.

Reading before a lecture helps retain the information you need to know for the term, and that means you won’t have to do as much studying for that exam – Israel.

For exams, I find that preparing early is key. I usually don’t start a week or two before. I usually study right after class to reinforce what I’ve learnt, then revise with friends after so I’m not under so much stress or pressure- Ada.

Before finals week, I review course material and revise everything I learnt in class. I engage in group study, which has helped with assimilation and accumulation of knowledge. Lastly, I also participate in activities for mental relaxation, to prevent anxiety before my finals. – Adanna.

Watching YouTube videos, reiterating my learning through reviewing with a textbook, doing practice problems if applicable and communicating the concept out loud as if I’m trying to teach someone – Aishi. 

I think one of the most effective study strategies that works best for me would be active recall. When you learn a new concept, aim to review and understand it on the day of, followed by revisiting that same concept the next day. I find that this strategy increases the likelihood of you retaining the information long term, hence you do not have to cram last minute for exams. There is also the pomodoro method which has proven to be effective in information retrieval and recall. It’s often referred to as 25/5, which means you study for 25 minutes with no distractions and then take a break from screens for 5 minutes. This helps me remember as much information as I can for my schoolwork – Maitri.

Reading overnight and also writing down my notes on a piece of A4 paper. It helps me memorize things – Mayowa.

I have found that managing your time is the most important element and key to effective studying. Studying in an environment where there aren’t any distractions is a good way to stay focused, while giving yourself 15-20 minute breaks every 2 hours helps you to focus better -Priya. 

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