ASA Wellness Week


As we all know, exams are creeping up on us quite quickly, if they haven’t already that is (shout out to the survivors so far!). Luckily, the ASA has been well-prepared for our well-being. This semester’s wellness week was filled with many activities that kept us entertained and relaxed throughout the events. We also competed for $50 prizes, testing our luck and skills in the Minute to Win It challenges every day.

Monday began with a reminder to care for ourselves with lovely make-it-yourself self-care packages, which was a huge hit last semester, and I personally was glad it was brought back. This was followed by a movie night with all-you-can-eat popcorn and the cozy feeling of gathering together with friends. Tuesday was no less grand as it attracted all the sweet-tooth individuals with its Sweeterie donuts in the morning. Talk about a good breakfast! The event was shortly accompanied by the ISS Chai and Chat. Students could come from their classes to loosen up and chill around with a warm cup and a conversation to top it off. The day ended with an Open Mic Night, and people were encouraged to come up on stage and perform for the crowd. Anyone that participated would have the chance to enter a draw and win a prize. Wednesday was particularly interesting as it offered more events, beginning with scrumptious Booster Juices and a Sexploration seminar, teaching pupils about several different topics, and was also followed by a Travelling Tickle Trunk sale. The night ended with a Just Dance party, where people joined in to let loose and have fun competing in the game. Thursday had us revisiting the importance of therapy, starting with a good breakfast of granola and fruit in the forum. The campus invited therapy dogs as well, letting students have a little puppy love before heading off to their classes. We were then invited to a Planting Party and a Paint Night to really get those creative juices flowing! Last but not least, Friday offered us the perfect end to this lovely week with another Self Care Package event and a Trivia Night, bringing us over to our final Last Class Bash Jam.

Overall, the last couple of weeks had been quite tedious for us all, so this was the perfect way to make sure we still had something to write home about and make our college years not so stressful. I myself found this to be a rewarding experience as a fellow struggling student with constant deadlines by participating in each of these occasions, ensuring one of the best weeks of my university life.

“Wellness Week was one the most taxing and rewarding parts of my school year. Hosting just under 30 events in one week was difficult. I attended almost all of them, and I appreciated all the help of my other ASA members during the week. I would not have been able to run the week without help. In the end, I was exhausted but very satisfied with all the wellness and joy we were able to create during the week. I thank everyone who participated!”- Jessica Andreas (ASA President)

Pictures from ASA, used with permission.

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