Making Business Exciting for All Majors


Augustana’s BULLS club stands for Business Undergraduate Learning and Leadership Society. It is a new student organization at Augustana. The club started when the three founders realized the absence of, and the demand for, a shared space for people interested in business and related concepts to enhance their learning beyond the classroom.

They hope to bridge this gap and create an opportunity for Augustana students to come together and explore the business world together.

We will share some of our interview discussions with the club executives to provide some insight into what went into the club’s conception, and how/why you should get involved with BULLS!


Vice President: Andrii Cherednichenko

Treasurer: Rion Joshy

President: Arsenii Litus

The Dag: What prompted the idea of a business club?

Arsenii: I think it was Rion who passively suggested that we could start a club. We plan to run a club that initially was targeted primarily towards the large number of business students at Augustana, but we decided it should be open to everyone, regardless of their faculty.

We will use our business knowledge to help people develop business ideas and find ways to implement them. (read: we cut everything boring from business and present solely useful stuff for everyday life from any occupation)

The Dag: What are some of your roles in the club?

Arsenii: The other executive members and I share all the roles without being designated to one person. We organize meetings, implement agendas, design presentations, and brainstorm ways to enhance student engagement.

The Dag: Are there events that the club hosted/has lined up for future?

Arsenii: We have planned many for the academic year, although it is still a new club. We call one “life incorporated.” It is when we take theories and teach people how to use them in real life. Further, we have activities in the pipeline, for example, debates and lessons on how to trade for people on campus. We will eventually conduct external events like business trips to companies like Microsoft and Shell in Edmonton.

The Dag: What do you like about this club?

Andrii: The club is a great place to develop different interpersonal skills. We have activities like  public speaking to achieve such. We will also be having debates to expand our argumentative skills. I also love how chill and fun the club is.

The Dag: What are some of the club’s objectives?

Arsenii: Our main objective is to benefit our members who do not have previous business experience. In the long term, we wish to expand the things we do and improve where we live. Our aim is bilateral; internal, and external. Internal goals are focused on our members and the club, while external ones are about the place where we live. We also want to bring together people from different disciplines and bring the values of diverse people together and have fun.

The Dag: What is your advice for people interested in joining the club?

Arsenii: Don’t be afraid to come to one of our meetings. Just attend one and see whether you would like it or not. You will never know if you do not try. You can achieve a lot in our club even without prior experience. It is about learning and leadership as well. We are creating a place for everyone to coexist and share their perspectives.

Upcoming events:

Club meetings occur weekly on Sundays and are open to new members.

You can also contact the club on this social platform.

Instagram: @bulls_augustana.

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