Clash of Cultures!


On March 24th, students joined together and took part in the Clash of Cultures, an event that celebrates the vast diversity on our campus. The evening included exquisite food from different cultures ranging from the Middle East to Europe to Africa, with the menu including meat pies, sushi, baklavas and more! Several people also dressed in clothes from their respective countries representing different customs and traditions like the Nigerian Agbadas (three-piece set with open-stitched gowns, long-sleeved shirts and Sokoto trousers), the Ukrainian Vyshyvanka (traditionally styled embroidered shirt or dress) and the Indian Lehenga Choli (three-piece attire with a long Indian skirt worn predominantly by women). 

The night offered various events, starting with a beautiful musical performance by Husna Usman and company, a poem recited in a myriad of different languages bringing together the crowd in unison, and ending with various dance performances. One of the most memorable performances was that of the Nigerian hip-hop fusion dance group that had a medley of songs and choreographies to pair with their colourfully coordinated costumes. An exceptional performance that displayed the Ukrainian custom was a special flute performance by Alexandra that is actually usually a performance conducted by a group of men, so this was no easy feat! I myself had the opportunity to be a part of the Indian dance group. I found the whole experience to be quite fun and entertaining for the audience (especially as it was formatted as a flash mob) while helping the audience learn about Indian culture.

All in all, the whole occasion was well organized and quite eventful, showcasing numerous cultures and teaching the students of Augustana the importance of their traditions. Diversity is one of the most critical factors in our humble university, so any exposure to that element improves our development. Having our voices heard as international students gives us an endearing warmth, helping us deal with the feeling of being away from home.

“The Clash of Cultures was super fun and memorable, and the performance was so creative and engaging to watch. The entrance to the dances was so unique, and I liked the musical transitions. The food at the end was the ideal conclusion, and the variety of traditional dishes was incredibly delicious and filling.”

Host, Ana Garcia

Photos taken by The Dagligtale News.

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