unspoken words.


discovery; essential to revitalize plateau.

endless, expressive, euphoria,

my body ecstatic. 

my heart racing, 

my mind, 


every layer inspires growth.

even if forbidden,

I explore.

for passion has no bounds,

it’s pointless to stay within limits.

clarity with every movement,

color brings about dimension.

cherishing the masterpiece,

for what makes art unique,

is its incompletion.

vigor through life,

investigation of purpose through differences,

resilience is necessary.

contentment turns into fulfillment,

haven is then attained.

inching closer,

admiration swells.

nervousness turns to relaxation,

hesitancy into excitement.

comforted through the life around me,

I breathe.

silencing the complexity,

I propel forward,

the past left behind,

the future, a mystery.

I sense all around me.


present in the moment.

for the most beautiful things are felt,

never spoken.

– Aishi Nayar

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