Interstellar Flight


Lachrymosely, it rained

on two weathered, lonely lives.

Saccharine lips

and lightning’s awe

struck witness,

birthed flames and

a sudden breath

sheltered our Fire.

O Candlelight, of what words

flew across the sky to graze

the softening of your brow?

O Shadow, of what doubt

falls short of reminiscence?

North of a promise never forgotten.

like the light of a summer’s cottage kiss.

A heat cooled by a calm wind south

on your gentle terrain and

I remember your voice.

The voice that touched a star.

North of a promise ever forgotten?

Like the unison of our eyes.

A shared vow like if to leap was to kiss,

a cliff was spoken for and if we meet again,

we are to fly once more with

wings ever so effervescent.

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