Casino Night at Augustana


Have you ever wanted to go to Vegas and do as the rich do at Caesar’s Palace? Have you wanted to raise the stakes and win big — just like in the movies? Well, Augustana’s very own Casino Night was enough of a practice round for Vegas.

Casino Night is a yearly celebration and a grand opportunity where several prizes can be won. This year, there was a brand new Tefal air fryer, a loudspeaker, a sunset lamp and various different gift cards and packages to be won! The theme was Monte Carlo, and students showed up in their richest looking attire to gamble (wisely, of course) and enjoy the night with fancy hors d’oeuvres and finger foods (and, of course, the classic chips and pop). 

The rules of playing were as follows:

You would receive 200 fake bills to either keep or gamble for bigger bucks. The aim was to earn as much as possible to put it towards the grand finale: The Auction!

As the night grew longer, some had Lady Luck shine on them, while others were better off not participating in the game of losing fake money. Yet, people enjoyed themselves overall. Especially due to the well dressed ASA members, who played their roles as dealers to the letter. If you didn’t end up winning in the auction, don’t worry! The ASA set up a giveaway for the people who weren’t as lucky. There were several giveaways from Boston Pizza, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and more! I myself was able to snag a giftcard for some pizza. Overall, the best part of the entire event was the fact that everyone had fun, regardless of whether they won or lost. I, personally, had a great time watching people pretend to be a part of the casino royale atmosphere and encourage others to go beyond their comfort zones to win the big bucks.

“Casino Night was vibrant and had such a festive atmosphere, full of energy and excitement. The excitement from guests and the games offered everything and contributed to a lively environment– it was a blast to be a part of!” – Miron Nekhoroshkov, First Year Representative

“I had an exciting time at casino night, especially because it was my first experience with gambling of any sort. Even though it was with counterfeit money, it was a thrilling experience taking risk with friends.” – Denzel Kalmoni, International Student Experience Representative

ASA members and Augustana students enjoyed Casino Night on January 26th. Dagligtale News photos.

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