Q: Hey there, so I’ve got a problem. There is this guy I work with. We’ve had good friendly banter for the past month, and I thought that was good enough progress. His last relationship left him kinda wanting to focus on himself for a while, though. My biggest concern is if I should keep texting him and how to know how he’s feeling about our friendship?
Sincerely, Clueless

A: Dear Clueless,
I would suggest letting things go with the flow. Keep the friendly banter going. I don’t think it’s something you’d hate to do, because you seem to like him for it. The best way to go about this, in my opinion, is to start off as friends. Along this road, if you see him dropping some hints of wanting more, don’t hesitate to respond if you really like him. Hints would essentially be something like him wanting to spend more time with you, texting you more often, being a little flirty, or even asking you if you’re free to do something with him. If nothing progresses from this, don’t lose heart, as there’s always something good that can come from being friends. Even if it doesn’t ever move past the friend zone, you could still gain a valuable relationship – and he’ll appreciate you even more for not pushing him when he’s taking some time off from dating.

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