Interview with the Harry Potter Club President


The Harry Potter novels are a well-known and roaringly successful book series by JK Rowling that have been made into a popular film franchise near and dear to many of our hearts. A few Augustana students recognized this and have given us the opportunity to join our very own Harry Potter club and feel like a wizard on campus. As the club is non-academic, it allows students to unwind and make fond connections with individuals with similar tastes in fantasy franchises. As a fellow Potterhead and Slytherin, I wanted to gain deeper insight into what the club was all about and the fun activities they have in store for us in the Winter semester! I had a lovely conversation with the Harry Potter club president, Nicole Roy, where we discussed our favourite books and movies out of the franchise, as well as the current and upcoming plans we have yet to see from the club.

What’s the reason you started watching Harry Potter?

“I started watching Harry Potter after I read the series when I was younger. I fell in love with the books, and it was breathtaking to see the characters I grew up with be depicted on the big screen–though the books are superior!”

What made you fall in love with Harry Potter?

“I loved the magic and whimsy that the series brought. The writing transports you into Hogwarts. As you read each book, you watch the characters grow into adults and deal with trials and tribulations they never imagined themselves to face. The characters are very relatable, and each page leaves you wanting more and more. A common thing for many lovers of books and movies is the nostalgia the series brings. Many Potterheads grew up with the series, and it now serves as a reminder of their childhood. Newer fans are only beginning to discover the magic within the series, which is beautiful to watch. Overall, I fell in love with the series for many reasons.”

What’s your favourite movie and book out of the series, and why?

“My favourite book is the Prisoner of Azkaban, and my favourite movie is Goblet of Fire. Both have such fun storylines and are exciting to read and watch on-screen!”

Why did you decide to create the Harry Potter club?

“The Augustana Harry Potter Club was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, the club events were conducted virtually, and as we transition back into in-person learning, we are trying to make our club more accessible. All the events we typically held were made online, so turning them into in-person endeavours has been exciting. Our mission is to create a community for new, old, or curious Harry Potter lovers and bring the magic of the wizarding world to Augustana by offering a creative outlet through various Harry Potter-themed activities. We are also Augustana’s first fantasy-themed club!”

What activities have already occurred in the club? 

“We have held a Sorting Ceremony, a Movie Night, and a Banner Night this year!”

What kind of activities do you have planned for the club members in the future?

“We are still working on concrete plans for the winter semester. We plan to hold a general meeting in early January, once students return from winter break, to reach out to more students and build more community!”

What’s something about Harry Potter that means the most to you?

“Harry Potter teaches life lessons through its stories that stick with the reader. I also love how these characters make their way into our hearts and stay with us throughout our life.”

So there you have it, folks! Stay tuned for the fun events we’ll see in the Winter Semester, and be sure to follow the club on Instagram: @augustana.hpc. The Harry Potter Club is sure to amaze you with its new exciting activities that are sure to bring all the Potterheads together!

Banners created by the Harry Potter Club during their Banner Night event. Photos submitted.

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