Chicago: An Excellent Production



The Churchmice Players of Camrose have put together another amazing show: Chicago. This thrilling musical and Broadway hit came to life in Camrose on opening night, February 6, 2020. The story features two murderesses being defended by the same lawyer. The only catch is that they are using the publicity of their trials to gain more publicity and fame than the other so they can have celebrity status when they are free of charges.

The cast includes people from Camrose and surrounding communities including Beaumont, Wetaskawin, and Millet. Set in the roaring twenties, the lively dance and musical numbers throughout the show feature impressive choreography. Moments of humour interspersed throughout the show keep the audience laughing and enjoying themselves. Assistant choreographer, Signe Peake, commented how proud she was of everybody regardless of experience level: “everyone did amazing!” The performers and backstage crew emphasized how hard everyone had worked to put this show together.

Since September, these amateur performers have been meeting to learn the script along with musical numbers and extensive corresponding choreography. Augustana student Kyra Gusdal enjoys “the opportunity to get off campus and participate in something so fun,” not to mention connecting with fellow performers in the process. The show’s set designer, Todd Sikorski, is highly praised for making a backdrop for the action to unfold on. Scot Lorenson did an excellent job at his first time directing, casting, and making every moment on stage engaging. One of the leads, Brittany Johnson (Roxie Hart), commented that her experience “being part of the show has been amazing… the venue is also amazing and has made for a really fun time.” The Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Center is an outstanding venue for a lively show like Chicago to wow audiences. The best part of the show is the attention to detail in everything from perfectly-timed dance moves to visually immaculate poses and of course the singing. Definitely a must-see musical by the community Churchmice Players.

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