As the diversity of our global society grows to extents of onlooking promises of a more just future, so do the conversations of what this diversity means in a world that had for so long refused it. The laws of life and nature dictate that where there is light, there must be dark. Many great individuals, who in their time faced the world, advocated for those that had been silenced by their very government and society; these leaders have created a more just society, but this is not to say that there is an absence of damaging attitudes.

Many minority groups continue to face injustices even though our society continues to promote having reached some sort of ultimate just world. However, the silencing of minority groups continues, and in this perceived just world, many individuals who bring this silencing into light are accused of speaking of such unfairness that does not exist anymore, further silencing them.

As minority groups, in some respects, have become more popular, particularly within the social media world, individuals claim the attractive aspects of these minority groups yet continue to enable their oppressions. By doing this, the little voice that the minority had, has been taken over by the majority. What were once safe spaces for many individuals have been overtaken,

The majority must understand the power they have been systematically given. Still, the perception of a just world can create the illusion that there no longer exists responsibility for the majority to give minorities a voice. While it may seem simple to converse with the majority, many continue to refuse the existence of a system that enables the majority, making it difficult even to begin the conversation and for minorities to be heard.

Many minorities have been taught to accommodate the majority, avoiding discussions that make them uncomfortable, because many privileged individuals do not like hearing they are privileged. This mentality requires revision; minorities should not be afraid to voice their concerns regarding their agency as humans; no individual should remain quiet and suffer at the cost of someone else’s comfort. There must also be a consideration for minorities that are at a more significant disadvantage than others. As minorities, understanding the setbacks shared as well as those unique to different minority groups becomes important to upholding each other and recognizing that some face more discrimination than others. One must stand for their humanity and that of others.

“…only those of us who carry our cause in our hearts are willing to run the risks.” – Rigoberta Menchu

(Originally published February 5, 2020)


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