With the winter semester speeding by, we decided to ask our fellow ASA members about their plans going forward.
President – Philip Miheso
Philip has three projects he is focusing on. The first one consists of putting up a ad-hoc committee. This is a long-term goal and will take time, but the plan is to get it into progress. This committee is designed create a goal and follow through on it, and Miheso plans to get the groundwork in motion.
The second project is to collaborate with a radio station and get more involved in the Camrose community. This will create more outreach and create more unity within the local community. Students would listen to the radio more and become aware of what is going on around town.
Lastly, the final project is to develop a growth in student advocacy. The ASA is aiming to get a voice in the Camrose City Council, so that more opportunities come their way.
Miheso’s goal is to push these projects as far as he possibly can, and continue to further his education.
VP Communications – Rebecca Nicholson 
The ASA election nominations open on February 4th, so for the next couple of weeks Nicholson will be focusing on promoting it, and sharing what you could do as a student representative.
Thursday, February 13th will be the winter semesters Off Campus Student Supper. The Off Campus Rep, Daniela, has been hard at work planning an amazing meal so Nicholson encourages students to look out for more info.
Lastly, Rebecca  is beginning one of my favourite events; Wellness Week! It will be the week of March 30th. The Awareness Committee and Nicholson are only in the initial planning stages, but are really looking forward to it.
Nicholson is excited to share that the ASA now has an Anonymous Feedback Form. The link and QR code is available on the ASA Facebook page, Instagram and the ASA website.
VP Finance – Richard Li
Richard is looking forward to work on bringing visibility to the ASA’s spending and bringing in more transparency with the students. Li hopes to also continue to better advertise the ASA’s services, like when they received a free shipment of menstrual products.
Li also plans to participate in the discussion in the idea of opening a campus bar in the future years ahead, perhaps in the location of the current bookstore.
Li aims to let students know that he is just like any one of them; a student before a member of the ASA. He welcomes questions and is open to speaking further with students on his position in the ASA, and his developing goals.
VP Student Life – Jennae Matzner
Jennae was unavailable for comment.
(Originally published February 5, 2020)

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