There are changes on residency every year; however, there are many new exciting additions this year! We talked to Sarah McCrae, the student experience coordinator at first year dorms, to get some information.

One of the biggest changes for residency is the alcohol policy pilot project. In the previous. years, alcohol has not been allowed, so if a student was caught, they would be issued a citation.   The student experience coordinators have been trying to make sure students drink responsibly and safely. The aim was to generate conversation to ensure that students remain respectful and continue to work together to create a comfortable environment. Furthermore, due to the legalization of marijuana, there are now designated cannabis smoking areas on campus in locations to make sure students are responsible and being considerate about their peers.

Students who live in residency also receive a gym membership at the Augustana. Fitness Centre as a bonus perk. Some upgrades like new furniture have been added in the ravine as well, along with new washing machine in the basement of first year dorms and the ravine.

There is also a new restorative justice approach that has been introduced when it comes to handling issues. With the restorative justice approach, RAs’ first go-to is a restorative conversation with the student. If a student is willing to have a conversation with the RA they can just have a conversation about what the student is doing that is causing harm, how it’s impacting others negatively, how they can amend whatever wrong they’ve caused and commit to changing their behaviour in the future. If a resident does not change their behaviour, they are issued a citation. “I think it’s more relational, helps students take accountability for their actions, and create a healthy residence.”
Moreover, in an effort to meet the needs of students, there will now be limited space available for accommodation over the winter break which starts on Dec. 22 and ends January 5th.  Later in the Fall Semester, a registration process will be made available for those who wish to stay over the break.

If you have any questions or concerns, the RAs are always available to address any issues and offer support. This team of brilliant leaders continues to grow in their leadership and help to their fellow students that might need them.
(Originally published November 6, 2019)

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