Jessica Goetz

Siri Pic 1

University has been quite pleasant thus far. There have been some typical ups and downs that come with starting university such as forming new friendships, handling classwork, and balancing extracurriculars alongside a social life. It’s definitely an adjustment that takes time, but I’m enjoying all of the new experiences that come with this lifestyle change. The most valuable thing I have come to learn is to not close myself off to any opportunities; so much can be gained from trying something new.

Rehma Khan

Siri Pic 2

University has been absolutely amazing! I enjoyed meeting people and developing friendships with students from all over Alberta, Canada as well as a number of International students. The events and activities provided at Augustana have been extremely engaging, especially First Class Bash, where my friends and I had a great time. Although I have only been here a short time, I have already had the opportunity to get involved in various organizations and explore leadership opportunities. Augustana has provided me with a lot of substantial opportunities which helps me grow every day. 

Jessica Leeson

Siri Pic 3

I’ll admit, coming to university, I was nervous, and with Augustana being a small campus I was all the more nervous. But as soon as classes began and activities took off, I realized that there was absolutely nothing to worry or be nervous about. The whole Augustana community is extremely welcoming and inclusive. I felt like this place was going to be my new home right away. This shift in perspective led me to have a great time thus far, and I am excited for what is to come the rest of the year! 

Gurmehar Kaur Bajwa

Siri Pic 4

As an international student, I had all the predictable apprehensions: not being able to fit into the society and the academic system, not being able to make friends and being homesick. Well, all that did happen, but what I hadn’t expected, was to grow so much in such little time. I managed to fall in love with a country, a city, a university, all at the same time. I’ve also been able to make unpredictable connections with people by forcing myself to take the first step towards initiating conversations, a concept entirely new to me but something that definitely paid off. I also got to use the self-checkout at Walmart for the first time, witnessed my first ever snowfall, contemplated going back home and was introduced to the best chemistry professor ever (take Brian’s class, you’re welcome). I know I have a long way to go and I look forward to all of it, with hesitation, nervousness and excitement.

(Originally published November 6, 2019)

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