We all know of the Augustana Students Association but do we know what services they provide? We asked our representatives a few questions and here is some information!

VP Finance – Richard Li:


Richard does the budgeting for the ASA and helps organize the club budgets. He also helps with student grants as well as student advocacy. His role is important for students as he makes sure people do not overspend and makes sure that they money is being used responsibly. He’s also in charge of student discounts and has revealed to us that the movie theatre will be giving students $1 off, and 10% off on regular priced items. When asked about his goals for this year, Richard responded with “I want to do well in school first of all.”  He is also working with the VP Student Life to work toward getting free menstrual products on campus. He also mentioned how the ASA provides a lot of scholarships, and last year the application rate was low. He encourages people to take their chance and apply.

“I want to be seen as a student and your peer before being seen as a VP, remember that I’m just like you so you can talk to me.”

VP Communications – Rebecca Nicholson:


Rebecca is responsible for communicating the interests and services of the ASA and its members to students, faculty, and the Camrose community. VP Communications is the primary user of all of the ASA social media. From the events they do, to the daily work of the ASA, it is necessary for students to know all of this, and the importance of the ASA. Without the ASA none of the amazing events they do could happen, clubs would have no funding, there would be very little student representation on any councils, committees and working groups, and many other services would cease to exist. Rebecca aims to build a better relationship between the Augustana Students Association and the rest of the student body. She wants all students to feel comfortable expressing their concerns, comments and suggestions. She also aims to be transparent with the student body.

“If you are ever curious about the ASA, what we do, and how we run, join us at our weekly Students’ Council meeting. They are every Wednesday at 5:30pm in the ASA boardroom, unless there is a school break in which case we do not have meetings. I look forward to more students joining us during these meetings!”

VP Student Life – Jennae Matzner


Jennae’s role as the VP Student Life is to plan and host major events that happen with the ASA. Some include O-Team, Beer and Bands, Mission Impossible, Bashes, Formal, and Augustana’s Got Talent. I also focus on managing and helping out with Clubs. Some major things with clubs that I focus on are ensuring they are upholding their club constitution and the UofA/ASA Bylaws and Policies, making sure they have all the help and resources they need, and promoting their events and activities throughout the year. She ensures that students have a wide range of opportunities to meet new people, showcase their talents, and have an enjoyable university experience during their time at Augustana. She aims to advocate for stronger campus safety improve current events in the VPSL portfolio, increase student awareness for clubs and advocate for club spaces, have a stronger presence with diverse awareness groups on campus, and advocate for students on student life concerns. She encourages students to get involved in the ASA for many reasons with the bonus of how it can help build resumes and award applications.

“I’m quite busy this year being in my fourth year, on the ASA, and being a program assistant in the LAB office, but please don’t be afraid to approach me in the halls, in the office, or even out on a weekend with any questions you might have! My email is also always open at”

President – Philip Miheso


Philip’s role is to be a voice for the students to the administration. He is responsible for ensuring the most efficient practices possible in the Students’ Association. His role’s impact is most greatly felt when it comes to advocating for the needs and wants of students to faculty and administration. He hopes to see that the members of the Augustana community are more involved with each other, through events, academics and after-class livelihoods. He want this year to be a year when everyone on the ASA pushes themselves to do more for their constituents and strives to ensure their constituents are amicably heard on all forums within the school and now in the city of Camrose by being interested, involved and efficient in their practices.

“It is my greatest hope that all students stay real, keep their heads up and when times get tough, there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud.”

(Originally published September 27, 2019)

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