Introducing Your ASA Candidates

BY KIRANDEEP SINGH / Dagligtale Staff Writer

With the ASA elections, it is important to become educated on our candidates’ platforms and hear their views on meeting our needs as students. We conducted an interview with Richard Li, who is running for VP Finance, and Rebecca Nicholson, who is running for VP Communications.

Nicholson believes she is bringing experience and passion to the association. “I’ve done a lot of leadership work in the past. I was a part of the Girl Guides of Canada for 12 years so I have a lot of experience in leadership positions.” She is passionate about communication between the ASA and the student body. “Communication” was a part of my platform going into being an off-campus rep. I wanted to bridge the gap between on-campus and off-campus living.” She believes she has a good start with communication as off-campus rep but could do even more as VP Communications. “The VP Communications also play a pretty important role in preparing before elections.” They set up potential candidate forums and work with the campus and Student Union to get out the vote campaign. Despite running uncontested, Nicholson believes she deserves to win the ASA election because of her passion. “I want to make students aware of what we do and I wants student’s to know what our role is. I think more students should become involved and should want to be a part of the ASA.” One of Nicholson’s goals include advocating for more councillor’s at the school. She aims to find ways to helps students deal with stress and personal issues. “Augustana is missing something and I hope to work and improve on that next year.”

Li aims to bring sustainability and experience to the ASA. “I haven’t been VP Finance before but I am willing to offer my time and my willingness to learn from the students.” Like Nicholson, Li is also running uncontested in the ASA election. He believes that it is the student’s right to vote him out if he fails to engage the students. “Even though I’m running uncontested, it is more about whether I am fit to complete this role. I’m still going to run as if I’m versing someone else.” He believes that the current ASA is well-prepared in the needs of students but there is room for improvement.”I feel like the ASA has done a decent job in the past year and I hope to make it better.” He believes that more people should be running and getting engaged. “We get a lot of suggestions and I think more students should be taking initiative and trying to make change.” He encourages that students provide feedback so the ASA can better support their needs. “I feel that there is a disconnection between the ASA and students and that is something I would try to bridge to the best of my abilities.” Accessibility is something Li hopes to work on as well. Going through social media and hearing from students, he believes accessibility and the willingness to listen is something the ASA needs to work on. “The ASA should represent the students and I know that there are students who feel the ASA doesn’t.”


Jennae Matzner, who is running for VP Student Life, was not available for an interview.

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