The Value of Our Rainbow and Camrose Pride Week

Trigger Warning: Depression and suicide


With recent talk of depression, suicide attempts, and #BellLetsTalk all over social media, I just want to say to my fellow LGBTQIA+ community members: I love you and I support you. You are all beautiful human beings bursting with light, and you are all worth something to me and to the community members who share this space with you. We celebrate your diversity, your strengths, your weaknesses, your successes, and your downfalls. You are welcome here and I invite anyone who needs support to reach out to me or to the fellow community members.

This is not an easy time for a lot of people. Winter depression is difficult, school is exhausting, and balancing everything on top of struggling to find self-love is even more difficult – especially for a lot of people in our community who have spent years (and may still have years ahead of them) trying to search for or come to terms with an identity. My heart goes out to anyone facing these challenges, and I offer a listening ear and some other resources.

To talk to me and email me at

To talk to a counsellor or psychologist in Camrose. Contact our Nurse Navigator at 780.679.1160 or see her in 2-144.
To talk to a counsellor on campus at 780.679.1511 or email
To reach out beyond the school, contact Camrose Primary Care Network at 780.608.4927.

With Camrose Pride Week coming up at the end of the month, I would like to remind our Augustana students that you don’t have to agree with what you see but you do have to respect it. I would like to remind our sexually diverse Augustana students that just because Pride Week is happening doesn’t mean you have to be – it’s okay to be yourself quietly. And finally, I would like to remind those who are OUT and abOUT (you know) to be loud and proud all week and forever long – but do not try to pressure others to do the same.

Now, where are those rainbow roses at?!

Upcoming LGBTQ+ Events in Camrose:

Camrose Pride Week
Feb. 24 – March
So You Think You Can Drag, EsspressOUT, Tie Dying, Trivia, Panels and Talks, Queer Youth Art Show, open mic and paint night, and so much more! Check out Camrose Pride’s Facebook for more info!

Pride Week Schedule

Call for Performers.png

LGBTQ+ & Ally Symposium
March 23, 2019
Augustana Campus

symposium 2.png

Events in Edmonton this month:

Edmonton Pride Centre
Check out their calendar for drop ins, yoga, activities, and other events.


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