Student Led Programming a New Initiative For Students to Plan Events They Want


As a student, studying is important, but it is not everything. You build your future on relationships you establish today, the skills you practice, and the activities you get involved in. Free your mind for a while and create something different by joining Augustana’s new Student Led Programming.
A brand-new program
I talked to Sarah McCrae, our Student Experience Coordinator, to learn more about the Student Led Programming. This program was created to promote students’ ideas of planning an event themselves.
“It was thought that students know what they want, how to have fun and how to recruit their friends to do things,” said McCrae. “We want to encourage and support them as best we can”.
Funding opportunities
There are three levels of programming and their funding. The nice thing is that you can use Residence Service’s supplies.
Level one is for a smaller fun social event and is funded $20. You can plan this event with five to 15 people.
“We want a group with more than just your friends, so more people can come,” said McCrae. “The more you and your friends open to people, the larger the number of participants you will get. Your group can organize a movie night, board games with snacks, cookie baking, etc.”
Level two is $40. It is a little bigger and can flexibly be attended by a group of 10 to 20 students. Examples are a Bob Ross Paint night, a Henna party, or Pumpkin Carving.
Level three is a bigger deal and can be up to $60-$100. Your event must be open to at least 30 students.
Here, you have a chance to share your skills and cultural experiences, such as teaching your friends how to cook your lovely dishes, host a coffee house in dorms, bring in pet therapy, etc.
“It’s not just like you get money to make food for your friends,” explained McCrae.. “It’s how you teach things to other people, share what you know, and make the community from it.”
Your idea is worth it!
Whatever comes to mind may turn into an unforgettable moment, so do not hesitate to share your ideas. Begin with questions such as: what is your event, when will it start, and where? Then give more details about other supplies you may need. If you want a cookie night, have you have baking supplies? For henna, do you need more materials?
Talk to your RAs to see if they can help with these supplies and products. Think about how many people can participate in your event and ways to promote it. Will you post your event on social media, put some leaflets around dorms, or chat with others in the cafeteria? Try your best to convince people why your event is worth attending, and the value it brings to your community. I’m quite sure they would love to attend an event like this!
How can I get more information?
Now, the Student Led Programming is not on the campus website yet. The best way to seek for help is team up with your RAs or stop by the daily RA office hours from 5:30 – 8:30pm in the First Year Dorms East 101 office.

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