Aquatic Centre Upgrades Will Bring First Class Facility to Camrose


The Camrose Aquatic Centre is currently under construction and is planned to reopen in 2020. The entire facility will be closed for approximately 14 months while the remaining construction takes place. The plan has been in the making since August 2017, and was recently put into motion in the fall of 2018. This renovation and expansion plan is considered a major revitalization project. Supporters who contributed to the design include the seniors who do drop-in groups, the swim club, syncro club, triathlon club, Special Olympics, lifesaving group, and the general public.

This updated design was taken to user groups (swim clubs), lifeguards and operations, staff, maintenance, and council to get feedback on the practicality of the design. This feedback helped determine what the public saw as important features that should be part of the new design.

For example, during this feedback it was determined that a steam room was the preferred choice over a sauna, and so a steam room will be implemented in this plan. The final design will include an addition to the existing building that will have an eight lane competition fitness lane pool that will be deep enough for swimmers to dive in from the pool deck in the shallow end.  There will be diving blocks with sliding rails, a recreational diving board, integrated steps for easy access, and anchors for future play features. A brand new water slide will also be implemented, along with an in-ground twenty-person hot tub, two meeting/party rooms that have pool and outdoor access, and a brand new outdoor water splash park.

The renovations include a brand new leisure pool tank with a lazy river, as well as a very shallow play area, spray feature, and a mid-size teach pool for children. A shallow pool will be used for water therapy and education. The change rooms will be fully updated with new tile, paint, fixtures, seating and showers. There will also be larger staff change rooms. The renovations are recreating the space, for example the old meeting place and small family change room will be converted into a fully family change room.

In the front lobby, there will be new tile and paint with a large welcoming desk and general cosmetic upgrades to the hall areas. There will be new pool filtration, and water treatment systems for all pools, new heating, new air conditioning, new ventilation systems, and upgraded fire and security alarm systems. The final design includes improvements and new features that will make the Camrose Aquatic Centre a more enjoyable experience overall, with new and improved recreational and practical features. The new design of the Camrose Aquatic Centre is an important improvement, in the end it will make for more exciting recreational and competitive swimming, and the renovations will have a positive impact on overall swimming experience. For more information on what programs are offered through Red Cross during these renovations, visit the City of Camrose website. For information on how the construction is going, contact Ryan Poole the General Manager of Community Services with the City of Camrose Aquatic Centre.


Featured image courtesy of City of Camrose 

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