Around this time of year, you will see a trend where people let their facial hair grow. Why? It is Movember; the growing of facial hair—specifically the moustache—to bring to awareness men’s health matters, such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, men’s mental health, and suicide prevention. A person who grows a moustache to show their support is often called a “Mo Bro” or “Mo Sis.” Movember is an international, annual event that occurs during the entire month of November.

The Movember Foundation is a charity that leads in creating change in men’s health issues. They challenge the status quo and aim to create an environment where men are able to be open about their health and have resources that can help them get through the problems they face. Mental health is a large focus of the organization as many lives are lost to suicide because men the lack of focus on men’s mental health. The company encourages men to talk and seek help from someone they trust when they are struggling mentally or physically.

Movember is important as it encourages men to reach out and aims to increase cancer awareness, early treatment, and reduce the rate of preventable deaths. Participating in Movember helps bring awareness to the cause and helps show support for men who struggle with health issues. To get involved, people can grow moustaches, raise funds for Movember, and have events to get people talking and raise money together. The money goes into researching and funding men’s health projects around the world. Donations can be made to the foundation’s website online any time during the year.

Editors’ Note: During the month of November, the Augustana Vikings teams will be collecting donations at the door of their home games. They are also hosting The Great Shave Off on Nov. 30. More information can be found on their Facebook page


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