Editorial: An Apology


In the Oct. 22, 2018 issue of The Dagligtale, the story “Appropriation is Not a Costume: A Reminder” included two individual pieces of writing under one headline with no clear way to distinguish where one ended and the other began. It also credited all three authors at the beginning of the piece, rather than crediting each author with their individual material. The opinions presented in the articles were not consistently shared by all the authors credited, and was therefore disingenuous to their individual beliefs.

This confusion meant the importance of each article and their messages were diluted and muddled. By making readers question what they were reading, it did not allow for them to reflect on the points being made. It also brought into question the reputations of our writers, which was wholly unfair and unjust and opened them to hateful and hurtful comments from many at this school. Instead of offering clear, concise articles with strong views, readers weren’t sure what the messages were meant to be, which defeated the original purpose of those articles.

As the person who did the layout, I made a decision for which I did not see such consequences. I apologize profusely for the confusion and hurt that resulted from that decision to publish the joint articles. The Dagligtale is focused on making sure that all voices are heard equally and that decision hurt the people we’re trying to uphold. The Dagligtale will be working on new policies within the coming weeks to work more closely with our writers and photographers to make sure an issue like this does not happen again. We’re looking at ways to improve our communication, both as editors and with our staff, to make sure all articles are published with the appropriate respect they deserve.

The full articles in their untouched forms can be found on our website at How Racist Will Your Halloween Not Be? and LGBTQA+ Appropriation at Halloween.


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