Long Service Awards Honours Dedicated Augustana Staff


How long have you been studying at Augustana? Whether you are a freshman or a final-year student, you can complete most programs in Augustana Campus in four or five years. However, the story is different for some outstanding individuals. They have been working at Augustana for a long time and continue to bring more value to our small campus. On October 16th, the Lougheed organized the Long Service Awards to recognize their dedication.

The event starts in a small room. With the sound of soft music, many recipients attend with a smile on their faces. Lilas Bielopoctocky is a special one. She has been working for the Food Services for more than 30 years to provide food in the cafeteria. Her job is purchasing, ordering, and scheduling the menu for the approximately 400 students living on campus.  Students not only find bread and ham inside the cafeteria, but also have a chance to taste the flavor of Asian dishes such as Basmati rice, shrimp Pad Thai, along with the spectacular hot chocolate. It is not easy for our Food Service Supervisor to supply most of the food with local fresh food as it depends on many factors, including prices and availability. However, Bielopotocky’s motivation is inspiring, ” Receiving this award is great because I love the people and I love food. I try my best every day.”  

Valerie Bailey and Paula Marentette received their 25-year awards. If you are interested in the Music Department, you may have known that Valerie Bailey is an Administrative Assistant for Fine Arts and Humanities. For her 25 years working at Augustana, she supports many students who want to take a sight-reading course, practice musical instruments, or participate in the Augustana Choir. Considered to be one of Western Canada’s most successful undergraduate university choirs, the Augustana Choir performs qualitative choral literature drawn from a variety of styles and periods. It takes countless time and effort to build on that success, but thanks to Bailey’s dedication that sustainably improves our Music Department’s reputation. Paula Marentette, Professor of Psychology, teaches most of the psychology classes for second- and third-year students. She puts her life into an example of what she teaches and how she teaches. With her interest in cognitive development, she instructs students on the projects that involve gesture and language. Although Marentette has high-requirements in her class, she is a great professor who always encourages students to improve their critical thinking by viewing issues in different aspects.

Sarah Munter/Special to The Dagligtale

The Employee Long Service Awards is meaningful. It acknowledges the campus staffs and employees’ contribution to our small community. It also reminds students that we are not alone in our journey because of the many people that silently support us.



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