Familiar Faces


Every issue, we reach out to staff members or faculty who are new or new to their roles at Augustana for our Familiar Faces feature. If you’ve attended soup supper, Geordie Nelson is probably already a familiar face. Geordie is the Chaplaincy Assistant here at Augustana and, apparently, quite the gymnast.

1) Do you have any hidden talents that most people don’t know about? 

I can do a really good cartwheel.

2) What did you wear to your high school graduation?

A suit with a fedora and snazzy long-toed white shoes.

3) Did you make resolutions for 2017? How are they coming along?

I did. [It was] to become more active. I did a boot camp in January and I’ve gone running with a friend twice. So it’s slow progress.

4) What is your role on campus?

Chaplaincy’s mission is to walk with students on their liberal arts journey of educating the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Practically, I help to build community on campus. I help put on the chapel services, soup supper, and our coffee houses for example. I work with the student chaplains and other students like the Inter-Faith Council (where we plan evenings to talk about different religious perspectives). I can be a listening ear for students, whether they have questions about their spirituality or other things. I also do some office work, to keep Chaplaincy functioning day to day. And I do events planning, like SCORE!, the Fair Trade Local Made Sale, and other events. So my role is a mix of things, I see my job as three parts: working with students, office work, and events planning.  

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