BIO 338: A Butterfly Horror Story

Based on a True Story



A Museum

A snow globe

How much had he fed them?

While he was on the Gameboy

These two played the waiting game

Who would eat the other?

A child who doesn’t know his own strength.

He remembers the first ladybug who’s wings were sacrificed to excitement


The Museum remains

He picks up the margarine sized container

After shaken baby syndrome

He’s sure it’s dead

The Museum remains


The hum of his laptop calls to the dead

Emerging from the chrysalis

A bastard of a creature


The manifestation,

of eating ones own brother


He is horrified now

Worse than death,

Life is a reminder,

In death, one can say

It’s over now, but

Life is a reminder


He visits the Museum

Evicts its contents

Condemns its only citizen

To die

Lord of the Flies

Remind us,

What is it that Gods do?


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