Familiar Faces


We at the Dagligtale have a fun tradition (it’s officially a tradition if you do it semi-regularly for a few months, right?) of acquainting the campus with some new members of its community. This issue, we talked to Alyssa Martin, a transplant from the Camrose Public Library, about future goals and sparkly things. Alyssa is a Public Service Assistant at our library.

1)Do you have any hidden talents that most people don’t know about? 

Hidden talents… I’m pretty good at real life Tetris. I can fit more food into a refrigerator than should really be allowed. The same goes for packing boxes, getting a lot of stuff into a car, cramming all of my junk into the closet when company comes over, etc.

2) What did you wear to your high school graduation?

At Camrose Composite High School, they combine graduation and prom into one day, so I wore a dark turquoise gown, and I borrowed some sparkly earrings. 

3) Did you make resolutions for 2017? How are they coming along?

I don’t normally make New Years’ resolutions, but I do have some goals I’m working towards. I want to do more illustration and design work this year (that’s what I went to school for), and I want to start to learn another language. I always hated French class in school, and subsequently I didn’t learn much. But it becomes more and more apparent to me that the ability to communicate with people who have different life experiences is incredibly important. So, I decided to start with French because I thought it might be easiest language for me to learn; we’ll see how far I get.

4) What’s your favourite part of your job?

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is helping students with their research questions (we have research help available Monday-Friday, 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm) and we love seeing everyone’s lovely faces at the circulation desk.

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