Summer Job Sleuthing

On the Lookout for Cash


We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, so finding a job is critical for University students. Deadlines for Summer Jobs are closer than one might think; the Winter semester has just started, however employers are already looking for summer labour. And we, as broke University students, are looking for some money. Perfect combination! So with that, here is your recipe for success to finding yourself a job this summer.

First, make sure you brush up on your resume. If you don’t have work experience, that’s okay, just put your volunteering experience and education on top of the list. Make sure to mention your excitement for the job and your ambition to getting things done. Employers are looking for key qualities, not just experience, like teamwork and a willingness to learn. Be honest about your ideal time commitment, especially if you have any trips planned, but try to make yourself available and potential employers will often be very accommodating. For more help with resumes, be on the lookout for workshops around campus, or inquire with your professors.

If you are applying to jobs online, make sure you do your research. You can look for jobs on many sites, and through the University. There are student employment opportunities within the University that can be found on the Augustana Website, or ask an academic advisor. If that’s not what you’re into, then fire up that good old search engine. Many companies post job listings online, so bring up “the Google” and have at it! But beware for not everything on the internet is legitimate (no matter what your parents may say) so look for reliable websites while on your quest, to avoid a sticky situation.

If you’re looking on furthering your experience in the sector you are interested in, it isn’t as far away as you may think. The best jobs are the ones you find from your already existing network: from friends, family, your parents’ friends, professors, etc. Don’t be afraid to pick up a town or city newspaper, as there is always someone looking for help in the classifieds section. It may seem old fashioned, but a reliable source since it is updated each week with each new issue.

Be patient! It may take a while for jobs to get back to you. Always respond, even if they say they are not looking for someone like you. A quick thanks for their time will suffice before moving on to your next possible job. Be open to anything, you never know what job is best for you until you give it a shot. But don’t wait until the last minute before looking, as potential employers are already on the lookout right now and you might miss some great opportunities.

Overall be prepared, be open and be yourself.

Oh, and get money. 

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