Wake Up and Smell the Christmas Propaganda

Karl Marx Khristmas by Ayla Kranges

A Serious Article About A Serious Topic


This week I sat down with the lovely Amy Lechelt to talk consumerism and Christmas. Amy is a dirty blonde and enjoys eating beets. I asked to interview her because of her leftist or what I like to call “humanitarian” views. As a well known propagator of the communist agenda I wanted to avoid any possible bias by also interviewing someone on the more conservative side of the political spectrum. Unfortunately I just couldn’t find anyone like that in small town Alberta.

When I asked Amy about whether or not decorating was a big part of her Christmas she stated that:

“My one aunt and uncle have like a giant moose and a giant bear and a giant fake tree. I don’t know, it’s really out of hand. Whatever, they’re so weird. Don’t put this in the interview.”

Next I asked her about Christmas presents:

“Two years ago I proposed to my family let’s have a present free Christmas except- this is off the record- my dad bought himself two remote control helicopter toys. So we woke up on Christmas and we didn’t have any presents and he was like: I’m so excited.”

Do you think there is a rise in consumer culture over Christmas?

“For sure, well, that’s what it’s all about right? Commercials. Advertisements. It’s about if you buy the perfect thing then you will have the perfect Christmas.”  

What is your opinion on consumer culture in general?

“I think that it plagues us and we’re all involved no matter if we want to participate or not.“

What are your tips for having a more sustainable Christmas?

“I think your first step is to see what’s in your local community. You can buy and consume locally and you’re still buying beautiful things that are probably still made in China- I’m meaning to make this sound positive…”

When referring to her family’s own gift exchange she stated that:

“You have to buy something consumable so you’re not getting stuff in your home. I got a grow your own mushroom thing. Don’t put that in there because it sounds like drugs.”

What is your favourite Christmas present you have ever received?

“Last year I got a mug with cats on it, so that was good. I mean that’s the thing in my adult life I can think of. Obviously it’s a Furby or a Nintendo 64, duh. “

Is there anything else you would like to add, like maybe your self made recipe for house cleaner?

“What I want for Christmas this year is a used keyboard.”

As I turned my Sony voice recorder off she proceeded to tell me about how much she hates kitschy things from Dollarama like miniature Santa hats, you know, the kind of stuff that would have been really great to put in a story about consumerism.

To summarize, what we’ve learned is that although Christmas is a magical time of year, it is important to make smart consumer choices. This Christmas take a page out of Amy Lechelt’s sustainability book and grow your own mushrooms!



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