If I Fits, I Sits: The Hottest Spots to Study During Finals


As finals loom before us we all need to find a place to sit and study for a while, because no one wants to bomb their exams. We found our favorite places around campus for our stressed-out students. These are our top 5:

5) The Abstract: The Trees in the Quad.

This may be more suitable for those adventurous people who enjoy climbing trees and are feeling like a bird. However, there are a few downsides to this one including the neighboring birds who may be unhappy about your new cool spot. While the excellent view of campus and students walking around is worth some hassle; be cautious of bombs dropping by angry birds. This choice is also less desirable in winter, however, with the right precautions such as your bird seed hat and polar bear fur coat; this spot can be well utilized during the exam season.

4) The Comforter: Hutch’s Cage.

The choice of many who are feeling down due to less than par class marks; Hutch provides everyone with the comfort they deserve this season. Check out a pillow from the library front desk and grab your textbook to chill with Augustana’s favorite non-human. He will be sure to console your soul and settle your nerves in this stressful time!

3) The Desperate: Your Closet.

While other options may sound ideal now, sometimes a short trip to Narnia or the inside of your closet can help to contain your building stress. Complete solitude is a benefit to this location, however recommended for shorter students since longer limbs can provide a problem in the limited space provided.

2) The Newbie: The Lone Stairs.

For those who have ever frequented the First-Year Dorms, the mysterious set of stairs connecting the third and second floors can provide the ideal study place. Since so few know about this you will surely not be disturbed often and can spend your time focusing on your books. Beware: couples who are looking for a little private time outside of their room may have different ideas about the usefulness of those secluded stairs.

1) The Tried and True: The Library.

This haven for studiers is the choice for many students this time of year. All the returning students understand the worth of the library and respect the invisible quiet sign as soon as they walk in the door. Now, while construction has influenced the quiet levels of this space, it still tops this list due to its long history of holding studious students affectionately during this time of year.

So, for those looking to find their new spot this year be sure to check out some of these great options. Good luck on your exams, and may your marks be with you.

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