The 24th Street Wailers Play the Bailey!


I know. It’s that time of year where everyone’s panicking about the classes they haven’t been to all year, and that is exactly why you should come out to see the 24th Street Wailers on Friday, Dec 2nd. In addition to having a super cool name, they are travelling to the middle of nowhere (Camrose) to put on a rockabilly show for YOU.

Musicians serve to remind us that dreams really can come true and that to quote

Bon Jovi, “I just want to live while I’m alive”. So come out, neglect your responsibilities and be a part of the dream. I know what you’re thinking: “Why isn’t she directly quoting the band yet.”

I am stalling because the band may or may not have decided to go the mysterious route and provide me with possibly the most cliché answers ever. I admit that it is entirely my own fault for providing cliché questions, and I fully respect them for mocking me. So without further ado, I present my interview with the 24th Street Wailers:

Yes they have always wanted to be a band and no, they can’t imagine doing anything else.

When I asked them about the craziest things that have happened on tour. they stated that “Its all happened to us!” Not holding back on any of those juicy details the people want.

The band got their name by meeting up and jamming on 24th street back when they were in college. Myself, always being interested in the way bands dress, asked them about their style: “People will often see you first and not hear you. However I think we all look the way we’d like to.” It’s true, besides this exclusive in depth interview, all audiences are left to fantasize about are those retro hairstyles!

When I asked them who their music appeals to, they said: “Some people are drawn to the raw energy of our performances, others like the retro vibe. Other people just like the songs.” So basically, this show is perfect for everyone with a beating heart! Come on out!

I did however, manage to learn that their favourite pop song is “Thriller” and that their biggest inspiration is Little Richard. For those who don’t know, Little Richard is a singer from the 1950s who broke the colour line by playing for black and white audiences alike. He is thought to have laid the foundation for rock and roll and was one of the first members to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I have included links to both The 24th Street Wailers and Little Richard below, just in case this article wasn’t thorough enough for you.

24th Street Wailers –

Little Richard –

The Band says that being in a band has taught them that “life can be sweet!” And that they are going to “put it all out there” this Friday night at the Bailey! I highly recommend you show up and attempt to conduct your own interview. See you at eight!

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