Life After Augustana: Part Two

The Success Continues…


Your favourite scorpio here, bringing you the second installment of Life After Augustana where I asked recent Augustana graduates the following questions:

  1. What are you doing now that you have graduated from Augustana?
  2. What were your graduation plans upon entering university? Did they change by the time you graduated? If so, how? 
  3. What are your plans now?
  4. What do you miss most about Augustana/Camrose?

Stephanie Gruhlke – Bachelor of Arts, Class of 2016

  1. I am currently working as a foreign intern/teaching assistant at Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC for short) in Zhuhai, China. I am paired with an English teacher to assist in her classes and then run my own sessions and tutorials a few times each week. We also have to put in hours in a writing resource centre where students can book in half-hour sessions to work specifically on written assignments
  2. I entered Augustana as a BSc student with a major in biology with the intent of going to med school, becoming a pediatric oncologist, and saving all the children. Then I realized that I am terrible at chemistry, even worse at physics, and I have a severe, irrational fear of needles, so the whole “med-school, be a doctor” thing fell through very early.
  3. My contract here lasts until the end of June but I can apply to have it extended for a second year if I wanted to. Right now, I am working on grad-school applications with the hopes of getting accepted somewhere for Fall of 2017.
  4. The thing I miss the most are the people. After 5 years there, 4 of which I was heavily involved with or lived on campus, I really get to know people and you become comfortable with them. It’s nice that some of my closest friends are still on campus so they fill me in occasionally on the happenings.

Connor Malone – Bachelor of Arts, Class of 2015

  1. Currently I am studying in my 2nd year at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Law. In addition to my studies I provide legal services and information as a proud volunteer with CLASSIC, a poverty law clinic in downtown Saskatoon. CLASSIC works towards social justice with low-income, marginalized Saskatchewan residents, with a commitment to Indigenous peoples, through a legal clinic that is guided by the needs of the community.
  2. I have known for a number of years that I wanted to pursue a career in the legal profession. It was a desire that only crystallized further after studying at Augustana. I entered university knowing that I wanted an exceptional education that still allowed for a number of meaningful and high-impact experiential learning opportunities, which was one of the many reasons I chose Augustana. Majoring in Global and Development Studies enabled me to design my university degree around the interests and issues that I was most passionate about, while giving me countless opportunities to engage in the community through service learning and abroad on two international exchanges. Though I wouldn’t say my plans changed from entering university to the culmination of my degree, I would say that the scope of those plans and dreams has increased tenfold.
  3. My current plans are to continue pursuing my passion in law school. I hope to land one of the ever so coveted articling positions at one of Edmonton’s top firms in the Spring; a privilege that is only offered to a select few of dedicated, desperate and debt-ridden law students who can show that they’re a cut above the rest and a natural “fit”.
  4. If I was to say what I miss most about Augustana it would be the long discussions, open dialogue and debates with the two professors who made my Augustana experience unforgettable: Dr. Sandra Rein and Dr. Karsten Mündel.



    Stephanie Booth – Bachelor of Science, Class of 2014

  1. I currently am a Graduate Student in the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health doing my Masters in Public Health with a specialty in Epidemiology. 
  2. When I started my BSc straight out of high school I had planned on pursuing medicine and becoming a physician. However, as I learned more about the healthcare system I came to realize how big of a field ‘health’ is and all the different opportunities available. Upon graduating I thought that I would go into chiropractic medicine, but after working in a private clinic environment I realized that it wasn’t right for me. I began looking into Masters programs and came across the field of public health. It clicked for me right away- it’s a great combination of biology, medicine, and social science. 
  3. I will finish my Masters degree in April 2017 and will be happy to work for a few years (those student loans add up after 6 years of school!). With my MPH in Epidemiology I will likely work at the provincial or federal government analyzing health data to track disease rates and outbreaks. I’ve definitely been bitten by the academia bug, though, and in the future I may pursue further training in my field or a PhD, because I really enjoy teaching.
  4. I miss the sense of community and support that exists at Augustana. It was easy to be involved with a variety of things, including volunteer activities and community outreach. I made amazing friends while at Augustana and miss all the Camrose shenanigans we used to get into. 


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