Damn Augustana… You Got Talent

Thinkers, Researchers, Communicators and… STARS: A Review of AGT


There is no better way to show off your cool tricks than to enter in Augustana’s Got Talent! For those amazing students who did so on November 5th, true stars shone under the fluorescent lights. With their newfound fame and fortune we had the opportunity to ask some of these stars about what it was like to be them, here is what they had to say…
1st place: Maddy Killoh
2nd place: Bjarke Dahl
3rd place: Tk Mah
  1. What makes you different from all the other celebrities out there?

Maddy: I have minimal cash flow and wear the same shirt almost everyday.

*Audience* Truth

  1. As a rising star, how do you remain humble and deal with your onslaught of fans?

Tk: I usually disguise myself as a university student who gets no sleep and survives only on a cup of coffee. Campus hoodies and dark under-eye bags work as an added bonus.

*Audience whispers* Even more truth

  1. What made you pursue your talent?

Maddy: Honestly, playing guitar and singing began as a therapy for me. It helped me through some tough times and that’s what made me keep going with it. That’s what makes me continue as well.

  1. What do you plan to do with your newfound fame and fortune?

Bjarke: I don’t consider myself famous, but I want to invest in happiness of some sort with the money I won.

*Audience* AWWWWWW

  1. Did you struggle with stage fright in your journey to fame? If so, how did you deal with it?

Bjarke: Yes, stage fright is a natural element of performing. I always ask myself: “Bjarke, why the heck are you doing this?” But then after a while I get into the moment, I try to focus on my breath and then I give it all I got. Now I know that I can do it and I feel much more comfortable about all of it. When I get into the whole atmosphere of the audience, the act and the moment, it all connects.

*Audience* Melts

  1. What is your spirit animal and why?

Tk: James Luke. He is the Augustana advantage.

  1. What makes you different from all the celebrities out there?

Bjarke: Are we not all different? I try not to care too much about what other people expect of me, or if somebody wants something or tells me what to do. I do things that turn my crank, that I enjoy doing. I want to pay attention to my inner values, stay calm, keep up my compassion and stay determined about it. I want to develop friendships, share stories, and then keep things in perspective.

*Audience* I volunteer as tribute!!

You could be the next rising star just like these amazing students, so start practicing your hidden talents and we will see you next year at Augustana’s Got Talent!


Photo credits: Mariam Hosseiny

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