Two Birds, One Stone… Or Something Like That

Two Media Sources On Campus


The Dagligtale and the Medium? If you’re busy like most of the general student population, you typically don’t question which media source you pick up to read during the five minutes you’ve allotted to scarf down your calories for the day. Both media sources have content managed by students and you’ll learn something regardless of which source you pick. However, there are key differences to each news outlet that, when identified, highlight the benefit of having two media sources on the Augustana Campus.

The Dagligtale is the student association funded newspaper. The newspaper’s purpose is to educate the students on the happenings on campus and can also serve to inform students of the ASA’s activities. The Dagligtale doesn’t just focus on the student government though; the team at the Dag is committed to reporting all news on campus in an innovative way that is appealing to the public eye. The Dag’s team has a wide range of content from horoscopes to creative content, allowing for student journalists to broadcast their work in whatever form they feel inspired.

The Medium is headed by a team of students that wanted to put a new spin on journalism on campus. Upon interviewing Cameron Raynor, the Editor in Chief, he stated that the Medium focuses on not just the creative sphere but they are also pushing to showcase students more. They hope to increase their magazine space to allow for more student involvement from free Augustana Club advertising to highlighting student work. Besides the content they publish, the team at the Medium is incredibly focused on professional development. They strive to continuously push the boundaries of their skills and comfort zones to better be able to bring fresh content and ideas to the table.

Both news sources are committed to working together to cover all content. There will be overlap in content covered but that overlap is a strength as it allows for students to read different perspectives and it helps eliminate bias on strong issues affecting campus. With both news sources pushing to bring opportunities for professional developmental and opportunities to their team, it’s no small wonder why Augustana is benefiting from having two news sources on campus.

The Medium is not just jam packed with creative content, but it also is a wonderful magazine that is brimming with items to entertain. The Dagligtale newspaper has a quirky sarcastic and satiric spin that serves to amuse readers while they learn about the happenings on campus. Having two news sources broadens the content that students have access to but also pushes each news source to become better and reach for more.

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