Cruising Through Camrose!

An Untold Bus Story


Get to know your community on the Camrose Community Bus! This new installment from the City of Camrose runs twice a week, with a $2 charge one way. The bus currently runs on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 until 4. City Council is asking students to call in and give their opinions on the schedule and experience, and what changes would work best for them. Accessibility for the whole community including students from Augustana is important to the city, so lengthened hours and additional days of operation are in consideration.

There are multiple stops throughout the city including Walmart, Superstore, the Recreation Center and more. But the great part about the Camrose bus doesn’t stop there. Along with the ride comes a great experience for all passengers. Friendly bus drivers and fellow passengers can make your day just that much better. The very considerate bus driver will always be on the lookout for you, not leaving a soul stranded or having to walk in the increasingly cold weather. Other passengers are likely to strike up a conversation about your studies or community functions, so if you’d like to stay informed this is a great way to do so.

Don’t forget the nearest bus stop to Augustana is at Viewpoint, on the Northeast End of Campus. Be sure to be about 5 minutes early just in case of delays or running ahead of schedule. New passengers are likely to get a map and schedule of all the bus stops, and a pen to mark down those most important to you! There is wheelchair access and plenty of room on the bus for you and your friends, and they are always looking for new passengers.

Reduce traffic on the roads by taking the Community Bus, and save money on gas. As many of you know by now, every penny counts! Keep your environmental impact low by taking this friendly mode of transportation. Remember this is a new installment of the City of Camrose so there are still some kinks to be worked out, but we see a bright future in store! Next time you are wanting to get around town but feel like reducing traffic and meeting some people from the community, take the Camrose Community Bus. It is well worth the experience!

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