Wooden Horsemen? More like Wooden I like to see them live.



After calling band member Steven Beddall once while he was on a hike with his sister and another time while he was in the process of a twenty-minute drive, I decided I would just make some stuff up.

Steven discovered a love of music after he started playing the guitar his parents had kicking around the house. Then in high school he realized girls liked guitar players and formed a band called ‘The Authority Figures’ that, in his own words “sucked”. If he wasn’t in a band he would be a painter or visual artist of some kind, and if he could change one thing about the world it would be the lack of honest politicians.

When I asked him why people should come out to the show he stated that music “can be the catalyst for entire movements and social revolutions.”

“It’s becoming harder and harder for bands to be on the road, especially large ones. Hopefully we can inspire some young folks out there to get into music too!” Considering Augustana’s Got Talent is the same night as the show, I’d say a little too many people have discovered music, if you know what I mean. Clearly running out of material I asked Steven what his favourite nineties song was. Apparently “Rage Against the Machine- Killing in the Name Of” has the number one spot in this rockstar’s heart. I’m sure Aqua was a close second.

When I asked him if they were excited to play in a small Albertan town with a population that consists mostly of the elderly and boozed up teenagers he said, “Always! We love AB and don’t get out there nearly enough.” A surprising and heartfelt response that made me wonder if he had misunderstood my question.

In lieu of Halloween and my own twisted soul, I finished off the interview by asking Steven what the spookiest thing that had ever happened to the band was. “In a small town in Ontario a few years ago, a guy’s wine glass exploded in his hand right next to me.”

Although Camrose has a rich and creepy history of its own, let’s hope the Bailey can provide an audience of more than just ghosts this Saturday. The ultimate goal of this band is to have as much fun as possible and that is exactly what you should be doing on Saturday Nov. 5th 8PM at the Bailey Theatre. I for one cannot wait to ask Steven how that hike with his sister went.

Get your ticket at the Bailey Box Office or online! ($15 tickets for students!)


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