3/11: What Do YOU Think?


The new academic calendar is rolling around and soon we will be knee deep in change, which is awesome and terrifying! All at the same time. The 3/11 academic calendar consists of one course for three weeks and then 3-4 courses in the following 11 weeks.

The intended purposes of the 3/11 academic calendar are to provide more options for scheduling and to help students with time management.

“The new calendar will introduce greater flexibility and foster the development of new experiential, travel and learning opportunities.”

With this changing of the academic calendar, students will still be able to graduate in four years, full time studies still will consist of taking at least 9 credits per term, and the change will not impact the transferability of your courses/credits to other faculties or institutions. Costs will also remain the same and your transcripts will continue to look the same as they previously did.

As for the courses that will be offered, there will be a variety of courses offered. The advantage of taking a course in three weeks is that students and professors will have no other course commitments allowing for a more focused approach to the material at hand. Although there hasn’t been any word on whether science courses will be offered during the three-week course period, I can’t imagine why not? Imagine doing three weeks of continuous labs. It. Will. Be. Awesome! (If you are a nerd like me…)

Upon interviewing other students:

Landon Redelback, 4th Year, Major: Political Science:

“Honestly, I am nervous about it like every other student I have encountered. At the same time, optimistic about the new academic calendar because taking five or six classes all at once is overwhelming. This new academic calendar will help to significantly reduce stress levels among students in my opinion.”

Nnenna Achebe, 2nd Year: Major: Chemistry:

“I don’t know how I feel about it to be honest. I hope it doesn’t affect my goal of finishing my degree in four years. At the same time, I am happy for the opportunity that it presents for the freedom of travel. Ultimately, it is an unique idea that will eventually be an attraction to Augustana.”

For more information on the new academic calendar there is a frequently asked questions page on the Augustana website. There will also be a student feedback session in the Hachborn Common Room, Lower Level of Founder’s Hall on November 25th from 12-1 pm.

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