September’s Workshop for Reconciliation: Residential Schools

By ISABELLA BOURQUE  The Workshops in Building Capacity for Reconciliation focus on educating the public about Indigenous history and what life was like for many people when colonization started. In participating in these workshops, we recognize the truths that happened to Indigenous peoples because of colonization, as well as the outcomes from the many horrific experiences… Read More September’s Workshop for Reconciliation: Residential Schools

Leaving Augustana

What Graduating Students Have to Say by ISHA GODARA With the end of the semester around the corner, we wanted to hear from graduatign students on how they feel with that scary event (convocation) coming up! We interviewed Mikaila Perrino (Psychology Major) and Zarmina Shir (Kinesiology Major). Let’s see what they have to say! What do you like most… Read More Leaving Augustana

Cosmic Corner

The Serious Side (Effects) of Space Travel by CRYSTAL ROSENE This spectacular age of technology we live in is particularly exciting as it opens up new potential opportunities for manned space exploration. So far, the moon is the only object in outer space (besides the ISS) that has been graced by the presence of humankind,… Read More Cosmic Corner